Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dreams aren't they funny

The other night I had some pretty crazy dreams. I don't know if it was entirely due to the combination of watching NCIS, NCIS LA, reading, and being really tired or not. But in my dreams, somehow I was the main character in the historical fiction book I'm reading but it was combined with the investigations of NCIS and NCIS LA. Very strange. Because there I was in the long dress of the late 1800's being a part of crime solving with modern technology. I'm awfully glad that no one could analyze my dreams and tell me I'm crazy or something. :)

I know God uses and gives dreams to people to talk to them. The Bible is full of those incidents. I'm not sure if I've ever had God speak to me directly via a dream. I know of people who have though. And those people hold onto the promise they were given. I think it's neat to have faith like that.

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  1. Dreams are amazing things. What a neat way for us to spend time each day! Have you ever thought about how boring sleeping would be without the dreams? I think dreams are a fabulous source of entertainment, but I agree with you that they can also have meaning and be a form of communication from God.


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