Saturday, March 31, 2012


It's one of my best friend's birthday today. So I'm going to do something special just for fun.

Today I'm going to give away 4 Love Inspired Historical books to one person. This will last until Friday, April 6th when I pick a winner. I'll mail out the books on Saturday April 7th.

The books are:

The Protector by Carla Capshaw

Highland Hearts by Eva Maria Hamilton

Wanted: A Family by Janet Dean

A Gentelman's Homecoming by Ruth Axtell Morren

Here's how to enter:
1. Leave a comment telling my about your best or most memorable birthday.
2. To gain additional entries leave a second comment telling me these things (1 entry per item you tell me):
Please include your email address in your comment so that I know how to reach you if you win. You can use this format to leave your email address dawn(dot)janis(at)gmail(dot)com

Forgot to say that I can only ship to the US.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Marshal's Promise - A Review

Mail-order bride Rebecca Ramsey arrives in Cottonwood Springs, New Mexico only to find that her groom, Jesse Cole, has been killed. US Marshal, Seth Billings, made a promise to Jesse to look after Rebecca. Rebecca has no money and no reason to return to her home in Maryland, so the offer of a job as housekeeper and cook for the marshal is just what she needs. As Rebecca begins to fall for the gentle marshal she senses that he is holding a secret from her. Will Seth open his heart up enough to share the secret his holding? And what will Rebecca do when she learns the truth behind Jesse's death?

I loved reading this book. I got home late Friday evening and was already over halfway with the book and before I knew it, it was 1 am and not only was the book finished, but I had to be up early to get ready to head to my Mary Kay Career Conference. The characters are very relaxing. I loved how both Seth and Rebecca depended on their faith. When Seth's secret is shared, Rebecca doesn't react the way that Seth thought. But she still needed time to process her thoughts.

I look forward to reading more set in the little town of Cottonwood Springs. At least I hope that there are more.

Rating - 5 stars

This book is due out in May, 2012. I received my copy through Reader Service.

Dawn Comes Early - A Review

Novelist Kate Tenney answers an ad for an heiress on a ranch in Arizona. Once the Bostonian arrives, she finds out that ranch life isn't what she's thought it was in the novels she's written. Blacksmith Luke Adams isn't quite sure what to think of this beautiful eastern woman who knows nothing about ranch life. He causes Kate to question her own beliefs in men in general and makes her start to wonder if maybe she can have the happily ever after that she gives her characters. But she's got a choice to make - will she follow through with becoming Miss Walker's heiress which includes a vow to never marry or will she follow her heart?

This was the first book I've read by Margaret Brownley, but it won't be my last. I found Kate's struggles and her determination delightful. Add Luke's humorous matchmaking aunts to the mix and I found myself laughing at the their attempts to get Luke and Kate together. Luke didn't feel worthy of Kate because she's very educated and he doesn't have much book learning. She is determined to fulfill everything that Miss Walker wants in her heiress because of her distrust of men. Luke figures out a way to let her know that he's not like her father or the other men that had been in her life and Kate figures out a way to let him know that she's going to give love a chance. Both the main characters have to come to a point in the story that they have to let go of their own dreams and let God handle it. I think that's a lesson that everyone needs to know.

I received this book for free from Thomas Nelson's booksneeze program in exchange for my honest review. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Rating 4 stars

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Top of the Morning to You!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm not Irish, though I do have some Scottish blood in me. But I love everything Irish. Yesterday I was listening on the radio and heard a couple of things that I never knew about St Patrick's Day and St Patrick himself. St Patrick really existed. And he was born into a wealthy family where as a young man he was captured and forced into slavery to raise sheep. True, he's credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland. He used the three leaf clover to explain of faith, hope, and love. The article on Wikipedia talks about how he used the three leaf clover to explain The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit. Either which way, it's pretty awesome to think about.

My dream vacation is Ireland. I plan on going there someday with my sister. We've got it planned out, and we're slowly working to save for the trip.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Michal - A Review

The daughter of King Saul falls in love with a simple shepherd, who happens to be God's chosen king. Michal convinces her father to allow her to marry David. When David must flee for his life because of Saul's desire to kill him, she helps him escape. In response to her help, her father gives her as a bride to another man. Yes she does rejoin King David's household. But her position is no longer that of the first wife, and she's bitter.

This book has been on my to be read list for a long time. I've read the Biblical account of David and Michal's story several times. I've always loved having a chance to read a historical fiction based upon events of the Bible. I think that the author did a good job of building a story around the events of David's life. Staying true to Scripture and still telling a captivating story is a good feat.

I read the Kindle edition of the book.

Rating - 4 stars

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sixty Acres and a Bride - A Review

Young widow Rosa Garner returns to Texas with her widowed mother-in-law Louise. Once there, they find that the farm is in disrepair and years of back taxes are owed on the property. The ladies have three months to come up with the money. Louise's nephew, Weston Garner, is determined to protect his family, all of them. When Weston offers a solution, will Rosa accept being bought for sixty acres? But what will happen when their feelings change?

Fast paced, funny, and sweet, this is a tender loose retelling of the story of Ruth. The book of Ruth has long been my favorite, so I typically read any retellings. Rosa is funny. I loved seeing her wrestle with a sheep and her determination to ensure that her mother-in-law doesn't lose the ranch. Weston is suffering from guilt. Guilt that he's to blame for the death of his first wife. This unlikely pair make a great Ruth and Boaz. I loved this book.

Rating - 5 stars

Rose of Winslow Street - A Review

Libby Sawyer and her father are called back home from their summer vacation with the news that a foreign man and his family have moved into their home. Michael Dobrescu moved from Romania to Colden to claim the property that was left to him by his uncle years ago. Since neither family wants to give up their claim, a battle in the courts ensues. As Libby searches the house and grounds for important documents for her father, she finds herself drawn to the gentle Romanian. When more secrets about Michael are uncovered, which family will gain control of the house? And will Libby allow herself to fall in love with the "enemy"?

This was my first book by Elizabeth Camden but it won't be my last! The story does move a little slowly, but as the secrets are uncovered, additional layers to the characters are revealed. Libby thinks she's unworthy because she can't read. Mirela, Michael's sister, feels unworthy because of an attack on her in Romania. Michael strives to prove to both women that they are perfect the way that God made them and that circumstances shouldn't stop them from being who God intended. Michael has a dream of using a rare night blooming jasmine to make a perfume. So he also pays attention to the various fragrances of lotions and things that Libby wears. The detail given to the types of fragrances and tones used in making perfume I found fascinating. I work in the cosmetic industry and it was very interesting to read about the thought behind and the different types of plants (roses, juniper, citrus, etc) that are considered when making the "perfect" fragrance.

I received this book for free from Bethany House publishers for the purpose of an honest review. I was not required to like the book. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Rating - 4 stars

Friday, March 2, 2012

Attracted to Fire - A Review

Special Agents, Meghan Connors and Ash Zinders have two things in common - their faith and their desire to be chosen as part of the vice president's protective detail. Their current assignment, protecting the VP's rehabbing daughter from herself and the threats she's been receiving. They find themselves stuck on a Texas ranch with a team of agents and Lindsay. When the security on the ranch is breached, the stakes have become even higher. For not only do they need to find out who is behind the threats to Lindsay, she's become the President's daughter as her father stepped into the role of President. Will Ash and Meghan be able to recognize love when it finds them? And most importantly, will they be able to expose the killer before he strikes again?

I've never read anything by DiAnn Mills before. My cousin and close friends have highly recommended her books. While the man who is behind the threats to Lindsay is identified fairly early into the book, I still found myself not wanting to put it down. I wanted to know exactly how the chase was going and would the agents be successful.

Fans of Dee Henderson's O'Malley series will enjoy this book as will fans of romantic suspense.

I borrowed this book from my cousin.

Rating - 4 stars