Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Let Me In - A Review

One mother's determination. One little boy's longing to feel like he fits in. One family's journey from despair into hope. Join this family on their autism journey and recovery.

When Laura Santos heard the doctor telling her that her young son had autism, she refused to believe it. She sought out multiple doctors that would help her on her journey to find a treatment for her son that did not involve lots of medication. After doctor after doctor told her that there was nothing they could do, she sought alternative means. This is her journey to find someway to find a treatment that would help her son.

My Review
Let me just say that I was not asked to read Laura's book. I don't have a child with autism, though I do know several. I don't know a lot about autism myself. I have a cousin that was recently diagnosed with having autism. I picked up Laura's book the other day and soon got lost in her journey. She was very determined that she would find a treatment for her son that would work. Sure it involved an entire lifestyle change for the entire family in order for her son to be helped. She was determined that the family would take an active part in her son's treatment. I've not heard before of how certain types of behavior can be linked to gluten and casien in the diet. When she made the decision to remove those things out of her son's diet, the family saw immediate results in how he behaved. Other methods that were used to treat her son were experimental and didn't have the support of the family's pediatrician. But Laura would find a way to make the treatments happen. She'd visit other doctors and attend conferences and find ways to pay for very costly doctors and prescriptions that the insurance wouldn't cover. Yet, through all the treatments, her son started to change and to excel. He would begin communicating and doing things that before he'd never done before. Laura admits that the road to recovery was a long hard one, but is proud to announce that her son has been introduced as a recovered child.

Yes I know Laura personally. She's my Mary Kay sales director and a friend. I've met her family. I never knew her son before he had gone through the treatments she described in her book. I've been able to interact with her son on several occasions when I've been over at her home. If I didn't know that he was autistic, I wouldn't have known that the behavior he displays to people wasn't his normal. I'd have just thought that he had a few personality quirks. I encourage anyone who would like some answers to pick up her book or to visit her website at .

Rating - 5 stars

About the Author
 Laura Santos is a wife, a mother, and a successful business woman. She is an Independent Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics. The nature of her business has allowed her the time to attend the various conferences and events pertaining to autism that she has attended. Having earned several diamond rings and career cars through her business, including the prestigious Pink Cadillac, Laura continues to give God all the glory for her success. And most importantly she feels that the entire success of her son is due to God's intervention and leading her to find the doctors who would help him. She shares her story as a way to offer hope and encouragement to other families who are seeking answers.

My Final Words
 I am blessed to be able to call Laura my friend. I'm also blessed to be a member of her Foxy Lady unit in Mary Kay Cosmetics. Laura gave me a copy of her book at Christmas to read. She did not ask me to write a review of it.


  1. Wow! What hasn't Laura done? She is a wife, mother, successful Mary Kay consultant/leader, and she has also written a BOOK? Way to go to her for sharing her journey with others who might be helped by the same information!


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