Friday, June 8, 2012

A Happy Friday

It's finally Friday. And it's been an insane week. At my work, for some reason, we've been very very busy for the past couple of weeks and that means I've been at work until 5:45 or so. Not very fun to come home exhausted and feel like I've only been home for an hour before I up and do something else. My poor Kiki is completely off her schedule. She doesn't know what time I'll be home to give her her dinner. But it's always sweet to get home and to be greeted by a sweet kitty. I pick her up and she purrs LOUDLY at the same time that she's trying to hurry me into the kitchen because she's hungry. Last night we had a thunderstorm pass through here. She darted off the bed and went to hide. Her spots of choice to hide in a storm - under the bed or behind the dryer. She cracks me up. The picture at the top is my sweet Kiki. On HER blanket at the top of my stairs.

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