Sunday, August 12, 2012

Full Disclosure - A Review

Midwest Homicide Investigator, Ann Silver, showed up in Chicago to attend a Cubs baseball game. She just needed to make one stop first. When FBI agent Paul Falcon meets the woman who has a tip for him regarding a long-time serial killer case he'd been investigating, he wasn't expecting the tip to turn out to be the best lead he'd had on the case. Paul's and Ann's  paths cross continuously as he works all new leads on his case. When she drops another case of a lifetime into his lap, he knows he'll stop at nothing to figure out the details of that case as well as the details of who Ann is. He's starting to get under skin as well. When all the secrets come to light, will Paul and Ann find a way to move to a future together?

Dee Henderson is back and with a book that brings a cast of new characters as well as some very familiar faces in it. I didn't expect the twists regarding some of the familiar faces, but the explanation makes sense. And then there's Ann. I couldn't help but love her. I'd figured out that the two case Paul was working on would tie together in someway, but was not expecting it to be the way that it did. I also figured that Ann had more secrets than what she was on the surface and Paul actually took the time to ferret them out while still giving her space. The last 20-40 pages, I literally couldn't put it down. To the point of my ignoring my very hungry kitty until after I'd finished reading the book. I don't know if this is a stand alone novel or the start of a new series. It could go either way, but I was thrilled to be able to read it. While it doesn't hold the same appeal as the O'Malley series, I will say that this is a page-turner and well worth the long wait.

I was provided an Advance Reader's Copy of the book from the publisher and the Full Disclosure Facebook page for the purpose of reviewing. My thoughts and opinions are my own. This book releases on October 2, 2012.

Rating - 5 stars


  1. Wow! It sounds very interesting. I think it's going to go on my wish list.

  2. I love mystery, espionage, and intrigue. Sounds great.


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