Sunday, September 9, 2012

Demigod Diaries - A Review

Four short stories set in the world of Percy Jackson, a few games, pictures, and some questions answered, this book will hold readers' attention until Mark of Athena is released in October. Three of the stories take us back to Camp Half-Blood, and the fourth is written by Rick Riordan's son, Haley. Share an adventure that Luke Castellean and Thalia Grace had before arriving at Camp Half-Blood. Join Percy Jackson and Annabeth on a quest just weeks after they started dating. Leo Valdez, Piper, and Jason Grace have an adventure at Camp Half-Blood in search for a walking table and find monsters instead. The fourth story is written by Haley Riordan and answers important questions like how do monsters always know a demigod is near and how was the Mist created.

I really enjoyed this book. It's always a delight to return to the world of Percy Jackson and his friends. The games were simple and the stories were very entertaining. I am eagerly awaiting Mark of Athena in October. This was a fun read until then.

Recommended for Percy Jackson fans, Harry Potter fans, Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel fans, and young adult literature lovers.

Rating - 4 stars


  1. I haven't read anything by Rick Riordan since the Percy Jackson series ended. I need to get this one for my library though.

    1. Laura the Heroes of Olympus Series is better in my opinion than Percy Jackson. Percy and the gang from Camp Half Blood are in it, but we get a cast of new characters (Jason, Piper, Leo to name a few) and there's the "other" camp for demi-gods.

      Mark of Athena comes out next month and I will be buying it the day it comes out and will review it once I finish it. I'll probably drop everything to read it.

  2. You should post download links for people who can't get the books on their cowntry, like me


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