Sunday, February 10, 2013

Getaway Girlz - A Review

Vivian Taylor is shocked when her marriage collapses. So what does she do? She calls one of her best friends. Before she knows it, Vivian, and her best friends - Lucy, Kate, and Wendy are on a plane headed for a much needed girls getaway in Mexico. Planning to spend a week on the beach, the girls aren't expecting to be drawn into an investigation of the murder of a young man they'd met on the beach, let alone have one of them be accused of the murder. Determined to clear the name of one of them and to find the real killer, the girls begin an investigation of their own. They have a list of suspects, but the authorities don't take them seriously. Will they be stuck in Mexico indefinitely?

Let me just say that if I hadn't been asked to read this book by the brother of one of the authors, I probably wouldn't have read it. It's not my typical style and genre. That said, I was drawn into the story pretty quickly. The characters are fun and quirky. I love the friendship between the girls. I also love how they are determined to make sure that they take care of each other. The plot twists were intriguing. I loved how the girls were determined to find the killer and gave everyone nicknames on their suspect list. There is quite a lot of humor in the book. Yet there is also a lot of language and drinking in the book too. So if language and drinking offends you, then I don't recommend this to you. However, if it doesn't bother you, you may just enjoy this book. Would I read other things by this author? Maybe. I did grow a bit attached to Lucy, Kate, Wendy, and Vivian.

Recommend to fans of a good beach read, adventure and suspense, and chick lit.

I read this book at the request of a childhood friend of mine, the brother of one of the authors. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Rating - I struggled with deciding how many stars to rate it. In my opinion it is really, for me at least, a 3.5 star rating. So for Amazon purposes it's 4 stars.

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