Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bedtime Stories and Prayers - A Review

Description (from Amazon) -
Bedtime routines often include a story and prayer. Now parents and kids can combine both with a special Little Blessings compilation book. The padded hardcover book includes the following sweet stories:
  • Bedtime Blessings, which reminds kids that God created nighttime too and they have nothing to fear
  • Thank You, God, which reminds kids to be thankful for everything
  • Blessings Everywhere, which helps readers remember their blessings
  • God Loves You, which carries the most powerful message of all to comfort and guide little ones through the night and through their lives.
Each page is filled with full color art of the endearing multicultural Little Blessings characters with illustrations by Care Bear creator Elena Kucharik.

My Thoughts -
Each story is short and written in a rhyme that will capture kids hearts. Because of the few words per page, each story felt a little long. Yet I enjoyed reading this sweet book. I can easily see young children being fascinated by the pictures and the stories. I've not tested it with children to see how they will respond to the book, but that will soon change when I bring the book to a friend to read with her daughters.

I received this book for free from Tyndale Publishers for the purpose of reviewing. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Recommended to parents of young children, teachers, child care workers, fans of the popular Little Blessings series

Rating - 4 stars

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  1. This looks so sweet! I love children's books, especially those with great illustrations.



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