Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Princess, a Queen, and a Lady of the Realm

Yes, you did just read that title correctly. No, this isn't a book review (for once). Let me tell you about my journey of becoming a princess, a queen, and a lady of the realm. There will be pictures peppered throughout. :)

I just returned from Dallas for my Mary Kay Seminar. This year (in September), the company is celebrating their 50th anniversary, so Seminar was a bigger than usual party this year. What is Seminar? Well the best way to describe it is as the Oscars, a Miss America pageant, a Broadway show, and prom all rolled into one. Well that's really more Awards Night. But Seminar is the awards celebration for the Mary Kay sales force. It's where diamond rings are handed out. It's where dreams are born. It's where secrets are revealed. It's 3 and a half days of education and recognition.

My first Seminar experience was in 2010. And I took the tour of the Mary Kay Corporate and the factory. I'd never experienced something like that before. Mary Kay is a completely different culture. It's hard to really explain it. But, I digress. Let me tell you about this year.

I typically head up to Dallas a day early. I'm more rested and can have more fun. This year, I stopped at my cousin's in Waco the day before I needed to be in Dallas. It's always such fun to visit with Sharon and her family. In fact, one of the boys insisted that Sharon, Danika, and I play Disney Trivial Pursuit with him. Danika and I were on one team and Sharon and Tanner on the other. I've got to say that Danika and I did pretty good - especially on the categories relating to Disney movies we'd not seen (and I've seen A LOT!). Still it was a lot of fun. I then headed out to drive on into Dallas the next morning. It's only about a 2 hour drive from Waco into Dallas. I wanted to be there when registration opened at 10am to get my packet and start enjoying Seminar.

My invitations
So I'm there, in line, when my director Laura and her husband Glen arrived. I join them in line. I go and pick up my packet. Inside my packet there was a name badge ribbon - a blue ribbon that said I'd achieved
Sapphire level as a 4 quarter star. There were also two invitations in my packet as well. The first was to the All-Star Prize Party and the second one was to the Go-Give Area Reception for earning Princess Court. I'd never had invitations to special functions in my packet before. I was so excited. Of course we also got free product as well (part of the new Fall/Holiday line of the Fairy tales & Fantasy Collection and the new on-the-go set of the Clearproof Acne System).

Me & Laura in line at Registration
I've got to say. It's pretty special to be able to hang out with your director and her husband all by myself without having to share her with the other consultants. And that's what happened. Roxanne and her car load decided to take the tour of the Company, and Gwen and Lois were taking their time in coming up. So I spent the day with Laura and Glen. Which worked out really well since we had to be back at the Convention Center by 4:30 that evening for the Reception.

So Laura, Glen, and I head over to the Prize Area. I actually heard the woman checking invitations tell people who didn't have an invitation to step to the left, but she waved us on in. I had no clue what to expect in this prize lottery. I knew I'd basically be spinning a wheel and whatever it landed on would be my prize. But it wasn't quite like I'd imagined it.
Typing in my ID
There were computer terminals (sorta) where we typed in our consultant number and hit Enter. Then whatever prize popped up on the screen was the prize you got. There were handbags, jewelry, electronics, and more. They ranged in price from $20-$400. So I typed in my number and hit Enter. Up popped the Dooney & Burke red handbag. My first thought was "it's another purse." Then when it was handed to me, I saw that the price tag was still on it. It was a $338.00 hand bag! I've never owned something that expensive! I'd NEVER have bought myself one either. I took a picture of it with my phone and it quickly found it's way onto Facebook. Talk about a Cinderella prize. And that was only the beginning!
Laura & I with our prizes

That evening, I dressed up and headed out with Glen & Laura to the Go-Give Reception. I've never earned a special function before, so it was rather special.
Going into the Reception
When we got there, our invitations were checked and we were ushered into two lines. One for Princess Court and one for earning a National Court. We were handed a GORGEOUS necklace and earring set.
Our Necklace & Earring Sets
Then we got to eat finger foods and chocolate! Oh was there chocolate! Yummy cookies and pastries. Then we got early entry into the Awards seating. So we were able to snag a table and wait for the other ladies from our unit to join us.

Right before 6, they called for all Princesses, which I'm one, to line up and we would get to walk across stage! Are you kidding me? A stage walk?! Just for doing our job?! Well, yes, that's how Mary Kay works. Success is celebrated. So I took part in my first ever stage walk. Afterwards, Laura met me at the edge of the stage and she asked me how it felt. I told her that it was a little nerve wracking to walk across stage and be cheered on, but it was fun.
My First Stage Walk!
She told me that it's not much further to do Court of Sales as I'd done over $20,000 in retail (Court of Sales is $36,000). And honestly, it's a bit more believable now. It doesn't seem as hard.

The next night, our unit went to Medieval Times. This is a restaurant and a show. Did I mention it all takes place inside a castle? Oh and you eat your entire meal with your hands - there are no utensils! Our dress code for the evening was pink and black. Pink shirts and black capris, jeans, or skirts. We had our group photo taken with the Royal Falconer and the Falcon. We each were given a copy of it. Then we had to quickly do our unit awards so that the Queen would be read to be knighted by the King of the Castle. Having earned Princess Court and already being a Princess, it was no surprise to anyone in the unit that I was our unit Queen of Sales. My total sales for the year was $20,065.00. Which is by far the highest I'd ever achieved. So I was also Most Improved. All because something clicked in my brain last year. I remembered the words one of my sister consultants told me during my first year "The Company will do all sorts of contests throughout the year. Just focus on being a Star every quarter and you'll hit the Company Contests." So I did. I also learned to not watch the scoreboard to see where I was at but instead to track my progress.

Being Knighted!
Anyway, back to Medieval Times. The announcer called for me, and all of the Foxy Ladies ran over to the place where the Knighting Ceremony was taking place. I had on my crown, my sash, my feather boa, and the fun ring my director had given me. I was asked to kneel on the red velvet pillow, and the Royal Adviser draped a cape over my shoulders,   pulled my hair out to lay over the cape's collar, and face the King. The King had his sword and he talked about chivalry and honor before he touched first my right shoulder, then  my left, and finally my head with his sword. He announced to all there that I was knighted as a Lady of the Realm and Queen of my area. It really is hard to put into words all that I felt at that moment. It was awe-inspiring I guess is the best way to say it.
My Photo with the King & Lady of the Realm

We were then given permission to wander about the Castle until we were called for dinner. The feast itself was delicious. Soup & bread. Chicken, BBQ rib, and potato. Finished with an Apple Tart. All of which we ate while watching the tournament. The knights jousted, competed in sword fights, and everything that you'd imagine with a Medieval Tournament. We even got to see the falcon soar. It was a little funny each time that the bar tender came and asked for drink orders. He'd do a gentleman's bow and call me "My Lady." At one point he asked if I'd gotten a flower yet, when I shook my head no, he handed me one. As he moved on, Laura leaned over and said "He either thinks you're cute or is hoping for a large tip." I laughed as I replied, "Well it still won't change the fact that I won't be ordering any drinks from him." It was truly a magical evening.

I wore my crown through the rest of Seminar. On Friday when I got back to my hotel, I'd made arrangements with a friend who has a ministry to the homeless in Dallas to swing by and pick up a box of things I'd brought with me to donate. She wasn't able to meet me, so she sent someone who worked with her to the hotel to pick up the box. When her friend called me and asked how he'd recognize me, I told him that I have blonde hair, would be wearing a black skirt, white blouse, a purple sash, and a crown.
Foxy Ladies on Awards Night!
He was like ok. When I got home, I texted my friend to make sure that she'd gotten the box. She said yes and let me know that her friend said he'd never picked up donations from someone wearing a tiara before! We had a good laugh about it. I even wore the crown home. I stopped at Buc-ee's in Maidsonville on the way home for gas and to stretch. I had some of the funnest comments while I was there. "Is it your birthday?" "Every woman needs a tiara." And my favorite, "Look Mommy! A Princess!" Seminar was a wonderful experience and I am already looking forward to next year.

I set some goals for myself this year. First goal - be a four quarter star again. I'm already on my way to that one as I've just finished my Sapphire Star for this first quarter! Second goal - move into my red jacket. I'm ready to team build. So in order to team build, I need to find people who are interested in the company, or who may know someone who would be great at selling lipstick! So my readers, if you or someone you know may be good at this, contact me for more information. Third goal - go on target for my car.
Diamond Ring
My car is currently being held together on a wing, a prayer, and duct tape. Yup duct tape. Or at least that's what it feels like. In order for me to earn my car, I have to have a team. And you and your team work together to earn the car. Fourth goal - and it's scary to put this out there - earn Court of Sales. But I realize it's only $16,000 more in retail than what I did last year. And I was over halfway done with it this past year. Besides I'd love to earn a diamond ring.


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    1. It was a great time! And THANK YOU for your support!

  2. How fun! I'm so happy for you! Reading your post was like being a part of your special weekend!

    1. Thanks Nicole. It was a lot of fun. And a very special trip.

  3. SO cool!! Congrats, Dawn! And here's to an even BETTER year in, 2014! Enjoyed reading this. :)


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