Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stranded - A Review

Darcy St. James didn't expect to return to Alaska so soon. When she answers a plea for help from a reporter friend of hers, Darcy thinks that she'll enjoy an Alaskan cruise while helping to figure out what has Abby scared. She didn't expect Abby to go missing. She also didn't expect that her cover would cause her to work closely with the McKennas, especially Gage. Gage McKenna is pleased to have the family company, Last Frontier Adventures, being the sole excursion provider for the Bering cruise ship. He's also joining the crew as the on-ship liaison. The last person he expects to see is Darcy St. James. She walked into his heart last winter, and he's been trying to forget her. So when he finds her up to her ears in an investigation, he thinks he's been right all along and she's more concerned with her career than those around her. He couldn't be more wrong. But with danger lurking around every corner and timing running out on both the cruise and the investigation, the pair join forces to get to the bottom of things. But will either heart be able to recover?

I've loved the McKenna family since the first book. I actually think that this one is my favorite one of the series so far. Filled with romance and adventure as well as faith, I was engrossed from the first page. I read this book entirely in one setting because I didn't want to put it down. There are so many things I loved about this book. Gage is a wounded soul and it shows. Yet he's also a strong character. He's loyal to his family and to those who have managed to get into his heart. I also loved the fact that Jake and Kayden had a larger role in this book than they've had in the past. And finding out more about Jake's past is a bonus!

Like the other heroes in this series, Gage is featured at the Fiction Hero Features as a hero of the month. I invite my readers to head over there and read the exclusive tidbits about Gage.

I received this book for free from the author for the purpose of reviewing and promoting. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

My mother is the next one inline to read my copy of this book, so as soon as I remember to, I'll take it over to her.

Recommended to fans of Dee Henderson, Irene Hannon, O'Malley series

Rating - 5 stars

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