Friday, October 14, 2011

Christmas traditions

You know it's funny. Traditions. Sometimes they make a lot of sense. Sometimes they don't. I was talking to a friend of mine last night about some random traditions my family has. One of our Christmas traditions was to watch the original Star Wars trilogy on Christmas Eve. I'm not sure exactly how that started, but we did that for several years. Also growing up, we'd go out to one of the Christmas tree farms and cut down a tree. We still do that if we can arrange everyone's schedules.

A tradition I've recently started is what I make for Christmas. I put together a bundle of cookies and treats and give them out to my friends. I've recently started doing edible gifts in a jar. You know things like soup mixes, cookie mixes, etc. I'm finding I'm liking that a whole lot more. This year, I've found several websites that have recipes for these gifts in a jar. One of the ones I'm going to do the cornbread mix. It'll go great with one of the soups on the list too.

So I start thinking. Who will make it on my list? I've got some friends that are obviously on the list. And I've got others that I may surprise this year. I also want to add a batch of cookies to each little gift basket. Like for one set of friends, my snickerdoodles and chocolate chip meltaways. For another friend, my gingerbread. The others, I think I'll do sugar cookies with their jars. I don't know yet. It depends on how many jars I have and how many I'd need to buy.

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