Monday, October 24, 2011

Legacy - What Kind Do I want to leave?

I saw this quote on a friend's facebook status this afternoon. "What will your legacy be? Smile or frown? Give or take? Love or hate? Compliment or complain? Help or hurt?" And it made me think. What do I want my legacy to be? I look at my family members who have passed on. Daddy - his legacy is the AWANA program at the church I grew up in. Grandma B. - her legacy is probably her quilts and cooking. Grandma J. - definitely her love of her family and her husband. Grandpa - his is a legacy of faith. And I really mean that. He has always lived his life for Jesus. And he instilled that into his four children and all of his grandchildren. I want a legacy like that. But I also want to be know for who I am. I am a woman who loves God. I am a woman who loves to do little things (or make them) for others. I am a woman that still hasn't really figured out how to say no. But I love people. I love to share what I have, even when I don't feel that I have a lot.

I want people to remember me for the legacy I leave behind. For my faith. More than anything else, I want them to know that I am who I am because of the One who made me.

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