Thursday, January 26, 2012

Conversation Hearts

I was at the store the other day and saw the boxes of these fun candies. These are by far my favorite Valentine's Day candy. They're just so cute and fun.

Have you ever tried to write a story using these? When I was teaching, I gave each child a box of the hearts. Their assignment was to come up with 5 sentences using those hearts. Of course they got to eat them when they were done. Try it. Pick up a box of conversation hearts and try to write 5 sentences with them.

Here's an example I came up with earlier today.

"Ask me." "Say yes." "I Luv U." "U Go Grl." "Be mine."

Of course it's much more fun and creative to actually have the sentences make sense.

There's a wonderful children's book that I cannot remember the title of. It had all sorts of ideas for using these in the classroom. I'm fairly certain I have that book somewhere at my mom's along with most of my "candy math" books.

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  1. Hey Dawn! Nope, I've never tried to write a sentence with these candies, very clever :) I've been eating them for the last two weekends, you can't eat just one! Great post, thanks for sharing :)


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