Sunday, January 8, 2012

Things I'd wished I'd learned how to do

I was thinking today about things that have become a bit of a lost art. And things that both my grandmothers knew how to do that I wished I'd taken the time to learn and be taught.

1. Making Kolaches. My grandmother on my dad's side of the family was Czech and would always make kolaches from scratch. These were more like the cream-filled danishes of today, but they were so yummy. Sausage, poppy seed, peach, and cheese. I wish I'd learned to make them. Now, there's my grandmother's sister that's still alive that could probably teach me; I'd just have to ask her. And it might be worth it.

2. Quilting. Both my grandmothers always made beautiful quilts. They were light, but warm. I've got several still. But I'd wished I'd learned how. My sister-in-law has been teaching herself to quilt and she's made beautiful things as Christmas gifts this year.

3. Sewing. Once again, this is something that both my grandmothers did. While I can crochet, my sewing is limited to the sewing on of buttons and that's it.

4. Sugar cookies. My mom's mom made the BEST sugar cookies ever. And I have her recipe, but mine don't taste like hers. Even though I try. I've actually got all of my grandmother's recipes and hope to put them in cookbooks for all of us grandkids. It may take some time to decipher her spidery handwriting, but I think it can be done. I also think that while my brother and cousin David wouldn't really care for it, I know that all of my girl cousins would love it. Especially if I manage to include scanned pages of Grandma's recipes in her writing. Hmmm. That may have to become a project for the next year.

5. Crochet. True, I do know how to do this. But I learned in college from a girl who lived down the hall from me. And I love doing it. I have made several different blankets since I learned how. Here's one of them.

6. Letter writing. Think about it. It's totally a lost art. Email and cell phones make it so easy to keep in touch. I still have some of the letters that I received from various authors. And every time I get a box from my best friend or I send her one, there's a letter in it.


  1. I can teach you how to make kolaches one day...though it is a very long process. Sometimes I make the fillings a few days ahead of time to make the assembly day easier. :-) My favorites are apple, cream cheese, cottage cheese, prune, and apricot. Yum!!!

  2. We'll have to plan on it one of these days.


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