Sunday, May 12, 2013

Trying something different and new

Ok, so I'm experimenting at the moment.

I want to make a signature appear in each of my blog posts. And while I've googled some things, until I actually sit down and read them I'm experimenting with a picture.

I found a picture of a butterfly on a purple flower from the MANY pictures on my computer of when I was in Seattle. This one actually came from the roll of zoo pictures.

And since my blog has purple and butterflies on it, I decided to try it.

Anyway, I'm trying it. At least for now, it'll be inserted into each blog post as I write it until I can figure out how to get to go in automatically. Your thoughts are welcome on if the font on the picture is easy to read, should I change the color, etc.


  1. It's pretty. Maybe play with the font a little bit to make it easier to read.

  2. I like it but I think the lettering needs to stand out a little more.


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