Monday, May 27, 2013

Tutor's Daughter - A Review

Emma Smallwood accompanies her father to Cornwall as a private tutor for a baron's two youngest sons. Yet once they get there, they find  that not only were they not expected, but that the household is in turmoil. Settling in, Emma and her father decide to try to make the best of their year there. Soon after their arrival mysterious things start happening. The piano being played beautifully in the music room yet no one is there. Objects of Emma's going missing only to turn up days or weeks later with a threatening message. Add into all of this the eldest two sons, Henry and Phillip Weston, each with his own secrets. Someone wants the Smallwoods to leave the cliff side manor. Will the secrets of the household come to light before someone gets hurt? And what of the growing attraction between Emma and one of the sons? Will something ever come of it?

It has been a while since I read a Julie Klassen book. I'd forgotten how she weaves mystery and suspense into her Regency tales. I enjoyed this book. I found myself transported to the cliffs of Cornwall and the plights of the characters. I was reminded, as I read, of both Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights as well as Jane Austen's books. There was one character I disliked at the beginning of the book, but by the end, I'd fallen for him. The romance played a minor part in the story. The main part of the story was getting to the truth of happenings at the manor.

I received this book for free from Bethany House for the purpose of reviewing. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Recommended to fans of Downtown Abbey, Jane Austen, Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, Regency Romance, Laura Frantz

Rating - 4 stars

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  1. I have a few books of hers to read on my kindle... I don't know what I'm waiting for! Too many books, not enough time :) I'll add this one to my to-read list as well! Thanks for the great review!



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