Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bride in Store - A Review

Published - August 2014, Bethany House Publishers
Series - Unexpected Brides Book 2
Author - Melissa Jagears
Title - A Bride in Store
Format - ebook, paper
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Mail-order bride, Eliza Cantrell is so anxious to meet her future husband that she arrives a week ahead of schedule. Only things haven't gone as she planned. First the train she's on is robbed and she's relieved of her dowry. Then when she does arrive, she finds that Axel, her groom, isn't even in town. William Stanton, Axel's business partner, would make a much better doctor than store owner. When Eliza arrives, wounded, with no money and no groom in sight, Will feels responsible for her. Sparks soon fly between Eliza and Will. Matters are only complicated when Axel finally does make an appearance. What will Will and Eliza both be willing to sacrifice to chase their dreams or does God have a bigger plan in place for them?

After being delighted by the first book in this series last year, I was eager to read this one. I'd met Will in the first book and had no idea that his story would be in this one. Until I started reading it. And then I was delighted to read about Will as a grown rather than the teen he'd been in the first book.

I love the sparks that fly between Eliza and Will. I also love how even though he has no formal schooling or training, Will is the town's favored doctor. The journeys that both main characters go on shows how deep they really are. I also loved how each was willing to give up their own dream for the other's happiness.

For me, this was a quick read. The story moved along at a smooth pace and the characters were delightful. My heart broke for the family when their new baby died.

I'm really hoping that we get to catch up again with Eliza and Will in the third book.

I received a copy of this book for free from the author for the purpose of reviewing. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Recommended to fans of historical romance, mail order brides, Karen Witemeyer, Jody Hedlund, Mary Connealy

Rating - 4 stars

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