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Love's Fortune - A Review

Published - September 2014, Revell Books a division of Baker Publishing Group
Series - Ballantyne Legacy Book 3
Author - Laura Frantz
Title - Love's Fortune
Format - ebook, paper
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Rowena Ballantyne has lived a sheltered life in her Kentucky home. When a rare letter from her Pittsburgh family summons her father back to the city, Wren has no idea that her life is about to change drastically. When she meets her wealthy family members and enters their world, Wren feels more like a country girl than the beautiful debutante they want her to be. James Sackett has been a pilot for the line of Ballantyne streamers. With danger following him closely, he's asked to winter in Pittsburgh. James and Wren soon strike up a friendship, and when he's asked to be her escort for the upcoming social season, he agrees. Wren's duty is to make a match. A wealthy match. Yet her heart is pulled to James. Will James be a gentleman and let her do her duty, or will he follow his heart and claim this songbird as his own?

I have loved both of the other two books in this series, so I had extremely high expectations for this one. I am thrilled to say that it met and exceeded my high expectations. I think that this book is my favorite in the series. Once again, Laura has crafted a novel rich in historical detail. The story itself is beautiful as well.

I adored James. I thought that his struggle was so well written. He loved Wren, yet he knew that they couldn't be together and that it was his job to see her engaged to someone suitable. Yet still he struggled. He struggled with his feelings. He struggled with what would be best for Wren. He struggled with knowing that by loving her, he would could very well be tying her to a marked man.

I also enjoyed Wren. I loved how she was so honest. Even when her family tried to change her, she still was so true. But she was also the good girl and wanted to please. In some ways, I'd say that was her biggest flaw.

Of the secondary characters, Izannah was my favorite. I thought that she was one character who could easily have stolen the show. I would love to have read more about her and her family of brothers. But I loved how she was so supportive of Wren.

I kept turning page after page just engrossed in this book. I really didn't want the book to end. I think it took me just a little over a week to read this as I was reading at work. I've yet to discover a Laura Frantz book I haven't enjoyed, though I've not yet read all of hers. I do own some on my Kindle that are waiting for that someday to come when I can read them.

While this is book 3 in the series, it stands alone and could be read out of order. I personally recommend reading them in order as the experience is very rich.

I received a copy of this book for free from the author and another copy from the publisher for the purpose of reviewing. My thoughts and opinions are my own. I've already shared one copy with a friend. :)

Recommended to fans of Gone With the Wind, historical fiction, Cathy Gohlke, Laura Frantz, family dramas, Julie Lessman, JoAnne Bischof

Rating - 5 stars

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  1. Dawn, Oh, I'm really, really honored by your beautiful review. It's rare than an author gets a look inside a reader's heart and head and that's what you've gifted me with here. Love your insights into the characters and what makes them tick, both flaws and strengths. You really "got" the heart of Wren's story and I'm so blessed by your gracious words. Must pin to Pinterest! HUGE thanks to you for taking the time to both read and craft such a memorable review, Dawn.

  2. Loved your review of "Love's Fortune" and am loving reading the book, just as I've loved reading each of Laura's other books!! Thank you for spotlighting Laura on your blog!!

    She is such a wonderfully inspiring and masterful author, and is just as beautiful - inside and out - as the words in her books!! Love everything about Laura's books and you will love her books you've yet to read, also!! The historical content is rich, the descriptions beautiful, the words intoxicating, and the characters - friends forever locked within my heart!!

    I SO agree with your comments on James, Wren and Izanna - also the one re: not wanting the book to end, I've had that problem with each of Laura's books!! Wish she could write so swiftly as to keep me forever supplied with new books.

    P.S. Julie Lessman is another of my fave authors, and I love JoAnne Bischof's writing also. I shared this poast on FB.

    1. Yes Julie and JoAnne are great as well. :)


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