Monday, December 15, 2014

Three Rainbow blankets for three different little girls

One of the favorite gifts I love to give to expectant mothers is a crocheted baby blanket. I will very RARELY make one for a child that is not the first. Pretty much, my family is the only one that gets blankets for each new arrival. In fact, there are still three I need to do in my family alone. I made one exception to the one blanket per family trend. And that's for my best friend. With each of her pregnancies, I made her a blanket. It wasn't until I finished the third one that I realized something. Each blanket is done in rainbow colors. And the funny thing too, is that each blanket reflects each little girl's personality.

Melissa's blanket was first. Hers is done in a pattern of stacking blocks. When it is laid out, it gives the illusion of a block tower. This is one I've done before. But this time I worked it up using brilliant shades of crayon box colors. And Melissa's personality is more bold than either of her sisters.
Melissa's blanket

Another view of Melissa's blanket

Abi's was done in a completely different style. Her blanket is soft and delicate. It's white with pastel pink, green, yellow, blue, and purple. Hers is done in rows and the colored rows have little baubles or popcorns on them. This blanket also has tassels. Abi is the child who is sensitive and seems to be quieter than her older sister.
Abi's blanket

Kaylee's blanket was probably one of the hardest I've ever made. I'll actually do a review of it in a separate blog post. The pattern has it listed as easy. And for the most part it was easy. At least as far as stitches went. But it was still hard. This one, like Abi's used both white and colored yarns. The bright bright bright rainbow colors of red, pink, orange, light orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple all came together in one package. So that was different. It also had some squares that were similar to Melissa's blanket and squares similar to Abi's. But it is very very bright and cheerful and despite needing to figure out a way to keep the black cat off of it while I was working on it, it turned out beautifully. Kaylee's still too little to really have a distinct personality. But she seems to be pretty happy-go-lucky.

Kaylee's blanket

So this trio of sisters each have a rainbow blanket. They play with them and everything. And of course their Mama loves them. So does their Daddy. :)


  1. These blankets are definitely a treasured and much-loved (i.e. often played with) possession around here. We love the blankets and love the person who made them even more! :-)

    1. And I LOVE watching them play with them. I still giggle over Melissa's comment when she saw Kaylee's blanket with the squares like her blanket - "Take them out!"


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