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Worth the Time - A Review

Published - January 6, 2015, Hope Springs Books
Series - Waltham Academy Book 2
Author - Laura Jackson
Format - ebook, paper
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Lindsey Hamilton is pretty and spoiled. She's a cheerleader who is ruthless. She is also known around school as having a certain reputation. Yet when she discovers that she must complete volunteer hours in order to graduate, she has no choice but to go to the place her counselor picked out and try to get her hours in. While at Covington House, she meets another student who has something she doesn't - a genuine faith. Lindsey's world is shaken even more when the father she thought abandoned her as a baby suddenly appears in her life. Lindsey's life isn't what she thought it was. The walls she's built around her heart begin to crumble as she searches for answers about who she really is.

When I first met Lindsey in Worth the Wait, I couldn't stand her. At all. Even when this book began, I still didn't like her. Yet as the book progressed and I got to see what caused Lindsey to be the way she was, I started to feel my heart going out to her. By the end of the book, she'd moved from couldn't stand her, to wanting to discover more about her. I've got to hand it to Laura. She was able to take a character that was not likeable at all and turn the character into someone who is worthy.

I think one of the things I loved the most about this book was that Lindsey's struggle to discover who she really was was so real. I mean here was a girl who had built her total identity on one supposed truth - her father abandoned her - only to have her world shaken to its core when she discovered that was not the case. Lindsey's search to find out her place in the world is probably the biggest thing that made me like her. And along the way, she discovered that she mattered to God.

Sutton is one character that I enjoyed. I think he was sweet and charming. I'd love to see him in future books. But he's truly a minor character while being the guy that Lindsey could fall for.

Overall, this was a very great read. I was thrilled to see that the author's second book follows the same tone as was set in the first.

I received the Kindle version of this book for free from the publisher for the purpose of reviewing. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Recommended to fans of young adult, the Christy Miller & Sierra Jensen books, Melody Carson,

Rating - 5 stars

Review to be posted on Amazon on 1-6-15.

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