Saturday, November 28, 2015

Saturday Scribbles Vol 32

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted a Saturday Scribbles. I'm actually rather surprised at how consistent I've been with it this year. This is vol 32. That means I've managed to have one up for 32 Saturdays so far.

My drivers license expires on Monday. So I took Wednesday off to take care of renewing it. Why couldn't I renew it online? Well because I did the last time that I renewed it. So I had to go in to the DPS office to renew it this time. So I get there. I'm armed with my license, passport, social security card, insurance, and of course the form I filled out online. I actually got there really early in the day. Not when it opened, but about an hour later. And it still took about 3 hours. But I enjoyed talking with the strangers who were in line with me. I was trying to figure out the order to their calling out numbers, but that wasn't working for me. See my number was 52. So they'd call numbers in 30's and 40's then jump to the 300's, 500's or higher. My only conclusion was that the higher numbers were for different things. Like those who needed the drivers test. Or those getting a Texas license from out of state. And that the low numbers were the renewals. I'd had a book with me as well. Two actually. I'm rereading both the Percy Jackson series  & Heroes of the Olympus series. I breezed through Percy most of October and this month has been the Heroes. I was almost finished with the House of Hades (book 4) and brought along the Blood of Olympus (book 5) to be safe. But I actually spent more time chatting than reading.

Days like Thanksgiving are days when I wish I had the Hallmark channel. Why? Because of all the cute holiday movies! Maybe one day. But seriously, if I ever got cable it would be for the sole purpose of the Hallmark channel. I'm silly I know.

So tell me, what are some tales you have from the DPS office? Or your favorite Hallmark movie?

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