Saturday, December 5, 2015

Saturday Scribbles Vol 33

Happy Saturday everyone!

The other day I was talking with one of the moms at my church's AWANA program. This is the first time that this mom and her daughter had been to AWANA this year. I'm pretty sure she came last year. But anyway, it's been awhile. The mother told me that they were glad to be back this year because her daughter refused to go to any other church's AWANA. I asked why. Because after all I'm naturally curious. And this child really has been missed. She's a sweetheart and the teachers love her. The mom told me that there is one particular listener that her daughter just adores. That made me smile. Because while I'm not exactly a listener anymore, I have been one for years. I fill in as needed now. As the secretary, my duties frequently keep me busy with the books and things like that. But I do miss listening to the kids say their verses. This listener that is the little girl's favorite, is an elderly lady. And she and her husband just adore the kids. This little girl only wants to say her verses to this one woman.

I'm a product of AWANA. I am a commander's daughter. I grew up in the program. Through high school, and occassionally in college, I was able to volunteer to help with AWANA. Yet for the longest time, I was not able to work with it at my current church. Why not if I loved it so much? Because of two things. First, at the time that I started attending my church, the AWANA program met on Sunday nights. I was working a job that had me working every 3rd Sunday. Plus I was in graduate school. So if I wasn't working, I was doing homework and studying. Then when I was able to get a job that worked around my school schedule better, I started working in AWANA then. Because I could study later. Yes, it was on Sunday nights still. But that's ok. Because I wasn't working. I didn't start off as the secretary. I started as a listener. Then my church moved the program to Wednesdays a year or so after I started selling Mary Kay (at that time, I was attending Wednesday night meetings as my director held her unit meetings over lunch). I was beyond thrilled. Now I could work AWANA on Wednesdays and attend my sales meeting on Saturday mornings. Because that's about the time my director switched to Saturdays.

Most of the people still didn't know that I was a commander's daughter. But I volunteered as the secretary. And slowly, over the years, the word got out that I was a commander's daughter. I'm currently Kristi's second in command. Because working as the secretary gives me the chance to really do what I love - I work with ALL of the kids not just one particular level. I know the kids by name. I also know which parent belongs to which child. The kids make it all the worth while. Kristi jokes with me that she if I ever quit, she doesn't know what she'd do. Because I guess that I do a lot for her that I don't think about. The hardest part though, is making a conscious effort to actually take care of the books (the financial end of AWANA). I'm the first to admit that that isn't my strength. My strength is being out where the kids are. Listening to them as they share about their school days. Watching the little ones pick one sticker between the two choices offered (this week it was animals or stars). Because that is a really hard decision. Talking to the parents. All of this while checking in 40+ kids. Usually half of them arrive at the same time, so my line is long.

But the fact remains. I remember  the days when I was the favorite listener for several children. Even in the days when I was a student in AWANA, I remember some of my favorite listeners. I may not remember too much about who my teachers were, but there were several listeners who I loved seeing each week. And of course, their names escape me at the moment.

What about you? Did you have a favorite Sunday School or children's church teacher? Or maybe you have fond memories of either BEING in AWANA or volunteering in one?

My readers are special today. You know that I don't usually do two posts in one day. But there will be a book review that goes up this afternoon as it is the date that the publisher gave me to post my review. So look for the Sparkle Box to go up later this afternoon. 

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