Thursday, May 10, 2012

Beckon - A Review

From the back cover:
Some things weren't meant to be discovered. Three people are each drawn to the small town of Beckon, Wyoming.  A young anthropologist researches a Native American legend and makes a terrifying discovery. An ex-cop investigating her cousin’s disappearance finds herself in grave peril. And an aging businessman is lured by the promise of a miracle. One by one they discover the town’s ghastly secret. The only question is . . . will any of them make it out alive?

My Thoughts:
I don't usually read thrillers. To be honest, this book didn't draw me into it immediately. But as I read, I was quickly engrossed in it. Jack, Elina, and George all find their way to Beckon in search of answers. What they find is a horror that none of them could have imagined. As the story unfolds, I was able to put the different pieces together and found myself hoping that these three would figure out a way to survive. Some elements of the book reminded me of Frank Peretti's The Oath, a book that I first read in college and one that gave me nightmares. Because this book was a thriller and I know my tendency to dwell on things, I had to kep my reading of it limited to my lunch breaks at work. That would give me plenty of time to allow other things to filter into my mind and I wouldn't dwell on the book. Other elements reminded me of one of the Stargate Atlantis episodes that involved the Wraith enzyme and the retro-virus. I will say that this book actually makes you look at your own life and to see the sin that clutters it.

I would recommend this book to the thrill seeker, Frank Peretti fan, people who enjoy thrillers, or someone who wants to read a griping novel. I received this book for free from Tyndale House for the purpose of reviewing. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Rating - 4 stars


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