Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Too Many Thoughts in My Head

My head is full of thoughts today. More like questions really. Most of these questions have to do with writing and publishing so bear with me.

I have a story idea that will be based on what I know of how my grandparents got together. Since it's based on real people, do I sta as accurate as possible and use the real names of my grandparents, their siblings, and their parents? Or do I change the names to become fictional characters? I've got the title already figured out, The Sailor's Sweetheart.

I think that the story/book would be a good fit for the Love Inspired Historical Line, once I get it written that is. It's set around the time of WWII. But how do I make it "religious" when I don't know exactly how religious my grandparents were? I mean I know that they were Catholic, and I'm a born again believer. I know that I can't flat give the plan of Salvation when I'm not sure how "religious" they were.

I can already promise that my writing won't have anything in it that would make me ashamed or would give the wrong impression of the Christian I am. So nothing that will break my own moral code. It'll be clean.

I've got other stories in my head too, and I wonder how can authors keep characters, plots, etc straight for the stories they write or work on. If something is historical, how much research is needed into the time period? How would I submit a manuscript for consideration of being published? I'm one who would want a publishing house to publish it as opposed to self publishing and submitting it onto Amazon as say an e-book.

I follow a couple of really wonderful blogs that have helped me in some of my writing adventure. Seekerville is a blog that is written by several published authors. They always share tips and tell about contests and things too. Jody Hedlund, author of the Preacher's Bride & the Doctor's Lady, is another one I follow and have gained some insightful information.

So my head's full of questions and I have no answers.


  1. I like scribblechicks.blogspot.com. It's very helpful.
    I edited a historical book last summer, and the author stuck to the facts as much as possible but did write a note in the beginning saying that the book was based on memories of people she knew. That accounts for minor errors, but she did research major world events to make sure things lined up like she was told. :)

    Good luck.

    1. Thanks Laura. I'll have to check out that blog link you sent.

  2. Dawn that is great idea to do fact-fiction of your grandparents journey trough life, I think I would go with fictional names that are close to what their were. I love to read stories that have both fact&fiction, will be looking for your book to come out.
    Paula O(kyflo130@yahoo.com)

    1. Thank you for your sweet words Paula. In order for me to have a book come out, I have to write it. It may take me a while, especially since I need to figure out the plot really. I've got the epilogue written! But that's only because that day is forever ingrained in my memory.


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