Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cress - A Review

Published - February 2014, Feiwel & Friends
Series - Lunar Chronicles Book 3
Author - Marissa Meyer
Title - Cress
Format - ebook, audio, hardcover, paper
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Cinder and Thorne have eluded the authorities once again. This time when they escaped from Queen Levanna's forces, they brought along Scarlet and Wolf. Wolf vows to help Cinder master her Lunar abilities. Cinder's plan at this point to contact Cress, the mysterious hacker who first sent her the message warning that Kai was in danger. Cress has spent the past several years aboard an isolated satellite that circles the Earth. She is the Queen's best hacker. Yet she wants to escape. When a rescue attempt falls apart, Cinder's group becomes separated. Cress finds herself falling to Earth in the satellite with Thorne. Scarlet has been captured. And Cinder's faced with one of the queen's guards, a critically wounded Wolf, and no other option but to go to Africa in search of the doctor who first told her of her identity. With only weeks remaining to stop Kai's wedding to Levanna, Cinder and her friends must figure out how to accomplish such a feat when they are scattered. Will they succeed or will Levanna's rule on Earth begin?

With each volume of the Lunar Chronicles, I'm more and more fascinated with the characters and the intrinsic plot. This one literally had about four different plotlines. Some of them merged. Others are still left open. This one ended on a cliffhanger that has me wishing it were next year already so I could read Winter!

I think that while Cress is an interesting character, she isn't my favorite heroine. I'm thinking that Scarlet still holds that spot. But still, Cress's points of view were very fun to read, partially because of Thorne being in the majority of them.

The various twists and turns of the plot have me very engrossed in the outcomes of these characters. I felt so bad for Wolf when Scarlet was captured. I literally cannot wait to see how the series ends in Winter.

This book is loosely based one the story of Rapunzel.

I rented this book from the library and read it for pure pleasure. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Recommended to fans of fairy tales, dystopian ficiton, Hunger Games, Divergent

Rating - 5 stars

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