Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday - Top Ten Books I Want to Reread or Ones I Reread on a Regular Basis

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly theme hosted over at the Broke & the Bookish.

This week's topic is so perfect for me. I reread books on a regular basis. So instead of me picking 10 I want to reread, I'm listing 2 that I've only read once and the other 8 are ones I reread regularly.

Ones I've only read once that I want to reread.

1. Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier - I've loved this one from the first time I read it.

2. Juliet by Anne Fortier - When I first stumbled across this one while browsing at Barnes and Noble one day, I was captivated by it. I ended up renting it and buying it later. I really do want to reread this one soon.

Ones I reread on a regular basis (at least once a year, as they are some of my favorites). I'd classify these as "comfort" books

3. Donovan's Daughter by Lori Wick - my all time favorite book of hers. It's one of those books I will reread at least once a year. I typically won't reread the rest of the series, just this one, which is book 4.

4. The Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling - Each time I reread, I pick up something new. But still at least once a year, I read at least one of the books.

5. Wings of the Nightingale Series by Sarah Sundin - These WWII books are awesome! I've loved each of them, with book 3 being my favorite.

6. The Glenbrooke Series by Robin Jones Gunn - she is my favorite author PERIOD. Her books are always a nice breath of fresh air.

7. The Christy Miller Series, The Sierra Jensen Series, The Katie Weldon Series, Christy and Todd the College Years by Robin Jones Gunn. See my comments about Glenbrooke. Christy, Todd, Sierra, Katie, and the rest are characters that I consider True Friends.

8. Beauty by Robin McKinley - a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. It's magical. It has elements of the Disney version, but I still love it.

9. The China Garden by Liz Berry - I discovered this in college. It makes my reread on a regular basis list.

10. Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine - an all time favorite. It gets reread almost yearly.

Honorable Mention

11. Scandalous Sister Series, Groom Series, Banks Brothers Series, and Officer Series by Rose Gordon - I discovered her about two years ago, and she quickly moved into the list of favorite authors for me. Yes these are secular romances. I love her plot lines and the humor involved in her books before the couple gets to happily ever after. In the first three series, they are all inner-connected so characters from one series/book show up in the others. Disclaimer: These aren't recommended to anyone who only reads Christian fiction.


  1. Lori Wick always wrote a sweet kind of story as well as Sarah's book, which seem to be great reads and I've heard fabulous things about Beauty - someday I'll read that one too!

    1. Rissi, I think you'd love it. Especially if you're like me and enjoy the fairy tale retellings! My copy is pretty battered.

  2. I loved both Beauty and Juliet and I'm dying to re-read them, so many books so little time! :D


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