Saturday, November 15, 2014

Surprised By Love - A Review

Published - October, 2014, Revell Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group
Series - Heart of San Francisco Book 3
Author - Julie Lessman
Title - Surprised By Love
Format - ebook, paper
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Megan McClare left her San Francisco home for her senior year abroad as an ugly duckling. She returned as a beautiful swan. So beautiful that she has captured the attention of her childhood friend Bram Hughes as well as the young man who ridiculed her in school. She's excited to be able to pursue her dreams, but is a little confused at the distance between Bram and herself. Bram has always been there for Meg and loved her. Yet with a guilty conscience from his past putting his father in a bind. Bram vows to repay that debt anyway possible. Even if it means letting go of the woman he loves.

Every time I pick up one of Julie Lessman's books, I know I'm in for a delightful read. While it's true that this book is delightful, and I did enjoy it, it's not my favorite of hers. Still it's good.

I adore the McClare family. I love their teasing, their banter, and they way they unite in support of each other. I love too the depth of their faith, especially that of Caitlyn.

This book is different than the other two in the series in that while it was about Meg, it also focused much more on the relationship between Logan and Caitlyn. I was thrilled to be able to get answers to questions I had about their relationship since the first book. Yet, I wish that Meg and Bram could have played a little larger role.

There were times when I wanted to shake all four of the main characters - Logan, Caitlyn, Meg, and Bram. Because, I felt that they just needed to talk to each other! But eventually everything works out.

Still this is a book I'd recommend to those who really enjoy family dramas. Besides it completes the collection I have of Julie's books.

I received this book for free from Revell Books for the purpose of reviewing.

Recommended to fans of Julie Lessman, historical romance, Jody Hedlund, family drama

Rating - 4 stars - I liked it. I'll reread it, so it's a keeper, but it's not my favorite by this author

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