Saturday, February 7, 2015

Saturday Scribbles Vol 6

Welcome my friends to my Saturday Scribbles. It's where I share my heart and talk about whatever I'm in the mood to talk about.

Today, I'm attending a conference that teaches ways to retrain your brain. Sure it's a Mary Kay specific training. And my sales director has shared some of her knowledge from this training with us over the years. But I get to go to it and learn. I'm excited about that. Because I know that once I put into practice what I learn, my business will soar to new heights. But I can apply the principles to my personal life as well.

Basically this training is boiled down to stepping out on faith and taking a chance. I'll admit that that idea scares me to death. My comfort zone is just that - comfortable. I'm resistant to change, especially when I know that risks are involved. So there is fear of the unknown.

When I was writing this post, this first thing that popped into my mind for this topic was the Indiana Jones Movie: The Last Crusade. It is my favorite of the Indy movies. But the scene I thought of is near the ending where Indy is going through the trials at the end. Because he has to step out on faith to get to his goal. Here's a clip from YouTube showing only the scene from the tests/trials.

Taking a chance on yourself always requires a bit of faith. Because until you actually step off the cliff, you're stuck. I remember a time when my high school youth group went to Colorado for camp. One of the activities we did was rappelling down the side of a mountain. If you know me, I'm not athletically inclined. Yet this entire trip was about stretching yourself beyond your comfort zone. And so I did. I was with my group and we were at the top of the mountain with no way down but over the side. Yes we had harnesses on. Yes it was safe. But when it was my turn, I stepped to the edge and literally froze. Why? Because I looked down. The instructor literally had to give me a gentle nudge to get me onto the cliff's side. Once I was on the wall of the cliff I was fine. But I was afraid to take that step off the top and into the air beyond. I had to take a step of faith to do it. And looking back now, I'm so glad that I did. Because, you see, I learned a lot about myself in that moment. I learned that I could do something I wasn't comfortable with. I learned too, that my Christian walk is like that single step off the cliff. I have to have faith.

I'll admit, that the faith part still comes hard at times. But I'm a work in progress. And I'm learning more each day. As well as finding out just how secure God's arms are as I go about life's journey. And it truly is a Great Adventure. Enjoy the Steven Curtis Chapman old video of his song Great Adventure.

When have you had to step out on faith to do something?

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