Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday Scribbles Vol 7

It's time for another edition of Saturday Scribbles. The part of the week where I just talk about whatever.

I got a new gadget for Christmas. Well not a gadget like a new phone or tablet, but something just as fun, for me at least. I got this really fun cake pop maker. And it's blue!

I've been wanting a chance to try it. So I was over at my best friend's house this week. I asked her if she wanted to experiment with me and try one of the recipes included in the instruction manual. She said yes. So we tried the chocolate recipe.
First, let me just say that the batter is very yummy! It's thicker than cake batter, but not as thick as cookie dough. But the real fun came when we were putting the batter into the molds.
Talk about a lot of trial and error! We scooped about half of the spoon into the mold. Then we tried a little more on the next batch. Then a little less the next time. I think it'll still require more experimentation to get it to be just right. 
So once all the batter is in the molds, you close the lid and it cooks for about 5 minutes. Very easy. It did get very hot though. And it's a bit messy. Especially if you're like me and wear more flour than you get in the cookies or whatever you're making. 
Once they have baked for about 5 minutes, you open the lid and continue cooking. They sure smelled good and looked somewhat pretty. 

You put them in the fridge to cool before icing. We discovered that the last batch needed more oil on the molds because they cracked and looked funny.

Dipping the balls in chocolate
I had chocolate wafers that we melted to use as icing. I guess that you could use regular icing. I don't know. But we discovered that wax paper, toothpicks, and spoons worked great in getting all of the cake ball covered in icing.

I think that for a first attempt, they turned pretty good. They certainly tasted good!

I'm looking forward to experimenting some more with this fun new toy. Maybe with the cooking temperatures, and variations on the types. I do wonder if I could make pancake balls one morning.

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