Saturday, August 8, 2015

Saturday Scribbles Vol 25

Gena, Gwen, and I in line at registration.

I meant to have a post LAST Saturday about Seminar. That didn't happen do to being very tired and spotty wi-fi while I was in Dallas. And my kindle isn't on my data plan. So today is the Seminar post. It's very picture heavy. In fact, it's almost all pictures with captions.

Gena had never been to Seminar before, so we made sure that she got to take the tour of the Corporate Building.

Gwen in line for the bus to Mary Kay Corportate
Gena in line.
There were buses that took us from the convention center to the Mary Kay Corporate Building. While we were there, we had lunch in the dining room.

Gwen & I in line.
It was a lot of fun to take the tour. I'd not done that since my first Seminar. The building itself is pink granite and 13 floors. There were some scenes from the TV show Dallas that were filmed on the 13th floor. I think the conference room was used in one episode. But I never watched the show, so I really don't know.

MK Corporate
While we were at lunch, we ran into one of our sister consultants, Tina. It's so good to see Tina.

When we got back to the convention center, we wandered around the Expo. We got to see the new products, the cars, the holiday line, and of course the rings for next year's courts.

Since we don't have a National Sales Director, we are part of what is called the Go-Give Area. That means we have a semi-formal event on the first night there. Gwen was tired and stayed in the hotel room. Gena & I went for a little while. But we didn't stay long.
Lunch. Gena, Gwen, Tina

Outside of Mary Kay's Office
Thursday was a full day in the General Session. That night we loaded up with Laura & her husband and drove across town to the Magic Time Machine for dinner. The food was really yummy. Our table was in the hold of the Pirate Ship and Snow White was our waitress.
Tina & me

Court Rings
Friday had us in classes and then the Awards show that afternoon/evening. That's the really formal event we go to. It's always fun to see. It's like a combination of a Broadway show, Miss America, and the Oscars all rolled into one.

Hold of the Pirate Ship

Snow White, our waitress.

Laura, Gena, me, Gwen. I discovered the stickers on the Fire. 

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