Thursday, August 20, 2015

Through Waters Deep - A Review

Published - August 2015, Revell Books
Series - Waves of Freedom Book 1
Author - Sarah Sundin
Title - Through Waters Deep
Format - ebook, paper
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With the nation teetering on the brink of war, a sailor and a secretary renew an old acquaintance and work together to stop sabotage. Mary Stirling is good at her job. She's a secretary in Boston's Navy Yard. She tries hard not to draw attention herself, but she's concerned about the little things. That's what makes her such a great secretary. Ensign Jim Avery has been assigned to the USS Atwood. When he happens to run into Mary on the Boston docks, he's delighted to renew their high school acquaintance. Mary's changed since high school. While she's still quiet and reserved, she's not the girl she was then. Jim finds himself drawn to the pretty, quiet woman she is now. Jim's changed too. He's a Navy officer and is determined to be the best that he can. When suspicious accidents begin occurring at the Navy Yard, both Jim and Mary begin to investigate. Especially once a bomb is discovered on board the USS Atwood. But tensions are running high. And it appears that the country is heading on a fast track into the war. With Jim at sea and Mary on the shore, how can they stop who ever is causing the damage before something else happens? Will boldness be the answer for this pair who is afraid to speak what is in their hearts? Or will they allow circumstances keep them from discovering the love that is blossoming?

I've read most of Sarah Sundin's books and I was delighted when I say she was starting a new series. This time she's writing about the Navy and the cover alone on this book had me hooked. And I hadn't even opened it up yet! This one has been on my radar since last summer and is one of my top three highly anticipated books of the year. (The others being Rachel Hauck's How to Catch a Prince and Robin Jones Gunn's One More Wish).

I've discovered that I like books set in WWII. Really like them. While this one starts in the months prior to the US actually entering the war, the action starts immediately. One thing I absolutely loved about this book was that it's a bit different than Sarah's usual. This one has all the elements of a mystery to it. Maybe it's because the heroine is a huge Nancy Drew fan. I don't know. But that difference made me love it.

There were so many times that I wanted to shake both Jim and Mary! It wasn't that they didn't communicate, they did, just not about their feelings. It was more along the lines of both of them expecting the other to act just like he/she did in high school when they have both grown up and matured. I wanted Mary to fight for what she wanted and to be persistent like she was with her sleuthing. And Jim! I wanted him to realize that he needed to let her know his feelings. One thing I did love though was that both of them learned some hard lessons. Mary learned how to step into the limelight and to use her gifts. Jim learned that sometimes being bold and making a harsh decision was the right thing to do. I'm trying not to give to much away here, but I loved that part of the book.

When this one ended, it left me longing for the next book in the series. Because it'll be about Jim's sister Lillian and his buddy Arch. I'm excited to read their story because I developed a soft spot for Arch in this book and I can't wait to see how his story is fleshed out.

I received this book for free from Revell Books for the purpose of reviewing. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Recommended to fans of Jody Hedlund, Sarah Sundin, Laura Frantz, Julie Lessman, WWII, Cathy Gohlke, Kate Breslin

Rating - 5 stars


  1. Thank you for the lovely review, Dawn! I'm glad you enjoyed Jim & Mary's story!

  2. Oh my goodness, I LOVE Sarah Sundin so much. Also, your recommendations are on point for me because Jody Hedlund, Laura Frantz, and Julie Lessman are my favorite authors along with Sarah. :)


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