Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Together With You - A Review

Note from Dawn - Once again there is no Top Ten Tuesday post today. And that's because the topic of "Top Ten Characters who _____(like music, are orphans, etc) wasn't an easy one for me to come up with. I do like next week's topic though, so TTT will be back on May 5. So enjoy today's book review. 

Published - April 2015, Bethany House Publishers
Author - Victoria Bylin
Title - Together With You
Format - ebook, paper
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When a Lost Child notice comes over the PA system of the mall she works at, Carly Mason is determined to follow protocol. She finds the little girl happily playing with a stuffed rabbit. While she notifies the mall authorities, Carly notices that there's something different about Penny Tremaine and her heart clinches when she realizes that Penny suffers from fetal alcohol effects. Carly had vowed to never again get involved personally with a client. But Penny needs her help. Penny's handsome father, Dr. Ryan Tremaine, is trying to put the pieces of his life back together. He's got custody of his teenage sons for the summer as his ex-wife and her new husband are on a trip overseas. And then there's Penny. She needs so much more than what he can give her. Ryan has one objective this summer - reconnect with his children by doing things on his Sink or Swim list. The first thing he needs is a nanny for Penny. Particularly one who understands her needs. He's determined that Carly be that nanny. As attraction between them grow and they both fight it, Ryan comes to realize that maybe Carly is the missing piece of his family's puzzle.

 I've read a lot of Victoria's Love Inspired/Love Inspired Historical books, so I was thrilled to finally pick up a full length novel. I've got her release from last year on my Kindle, just haven't gotten to it yet.

This book captivated me from the first page. I found myself wanting more for Penny and wanting Carly to help her. I also loved Ryan. I thought that he showed great promise for admitting to his mistakes and to taking responsibility. But he also wanted what was best for his children. I loved his faith journey too. I loved how when he was at his lowest, that's where he found God.

I loved how Penny really kinda stole the show in the book. She was such a pivotal character. I loved seeing how she grew to trust not only Carly, but her father and brothers. And how she came to call Ryan Daddy as opposed to Dr. Tremaine or "Dr. Daddy."

This book surprised me on so many levels. I'd love to see a sequel to it that would allow us to get a glimpse into their lives a few years down the road or so.

I received this book for free from Bethany House Publishers for the purpose of reviewing. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Recommended to fans of Love Inspired/Love Inspired Historicals, Irene Hannon's contemporary books, Karen Kingsbury, Becky Wade, Kathryn Springer

Rating - 5 stars

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  1. Sounds like you really liked this one (five stars!). I'll have to pick up a copy since it released during my INSPYs reading time. But until I do, I'll anticipate it - it sounds really good. :)


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