Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday - Ten Wishes I'd Wish that the Book Genie Would Grant Me

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke & the Bookish.

So I'm back with the Top Ten today. I really really like this week's topic. It's the top ten wishes I'd ask from a book genie. It could be new books by favorite authors, a reading super power, a library, etc.

1. I want the library from Beauty & the Beast. I mean seriously. It's every book lover's dream.

2. I want my second all time favorite author, Lori Wick, to come out of retirement and write more books. I've loved hers for YEARS. And she's still one of my go-to-authors for rereads.

3. My monstrous to be read list could be read within my lifetime. I mean, it's seriously HUGE.

4. I'd get to meet my all time favorite author, Robin Jones Gunn. I would so much love to meet her and chat. Because she's just wonderful. 

5. Narnia, Middle Earth, Hogwarts, Camp Half Blood, and other fabulous places actually exist (beyond the amusement park in Florida) and I could visit them.

6. When I buy the hard copy of a book, that I'm able to get the Kindle version for FREE!

7. I'd love to see Winnie the pooh come to life like the Velveteen Rabbit does. 

8. That books just don't end. That they continue beyond the ending for as long as I want them to. 

9. All of my books would easily fit within my bookshelves and moving them would be easy. 

10. That from the amount of time I spend reading, I'd be able to burn calories faster than if I'd go out and exercise. 


  1. LOL these are great! The last one is funny I haven't seen it before. : )

  2. Lol, I love your list.... Especially the desire to be able to burn a lot of calories when reading.

    There is also an author named Karen Kijeweski, who wrote a series of mystery novels I loved. She her last novel was published in 1998 and I wish that she was still writing novels... So I know how you feel when you wish an author would come out of retirement.

    Here's a link to my TTT post for this week: http://captivatedreader.blogspot.com/2015/10/top-ten-tuesday-10-wishes-id-ask-book.html

  3. Great list!! But that last one! Lol Priceless!

  4. Number 1, yes! And I wouldn't mind reading something new from Lori either. I always wondered what happened to her. As for your last one, this *needs* to be a reality! ;)


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