Saturday, February 6, 2016

Saturday Scribbles Vol 2.5

Welcome to another edition of Saturday Scribbles my friends. I really have no idea where today's post is going to go, so hang on for the ride.

I have been suffering with forgetfulness lately. Take the other day for example. I came home from work and checked my mail. In my mailbox was a copy of a book I had requested to review. No big deal right? I get these all of the time. The problem? Well, this copy of the book was sent on behalf of the author and not my normal review request. Which means that evidently I'd agreed to be an influencer for the book with the author. And then when the publisher sent the email out for the February titles, I requested it. And I'd completely forgotten that I'd done so. Now I've got two copies of this really wonderful book. So that'll mean that you my lovely readers will soon have a chance to win a copy of it. Because I'll give one copy away. I'll still be influencing the book. I mean after all, I'll review it and talk about. Things that I do on a normal basis anyway. What book is it? That my friends is a secret at the moment. I will tell you that it is a new release, by one of my favorite authors, book one in a new series, and is romantic suspense. So which book is it? Some of you will know. Others will have to be surprised.  I hope that I'm able to have the giveaway up next week. I'm aiming for the 15th, but we'll see.

Evidently there is some really  big football game going on this weekend. Yes I know what teams are playing. Do I plan on watching it? Nope! As of right now, my plans include grocery shopping around 5:30/6:00 as there won't be anyone in the store, reading, and watching Season 8 of Stargate. I don't even watch the Superbowl for the commercials. Just because football doesn't interest me.

I was at my best friend's house on Thursday. Her mother in law was there. So I was chatting with her mother in law while playing Candyland with her 3 year old. Her mother in law asked me about work and so I was talking about how work was going. It had been an interesting day. I was teaching a class and the staff had pictures we had to take. Thankfully my class was very understanding about the morning being a little more chaotic than usual. My friend's mother in law asked me what class I was teaching. So I said, "Today, it was Excel Level 1." She then asked me what I meant by today. So I explained that I was a trainer for the City of Houston's HR department and that I teach a variety of classes - Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Business Writing, Customer Service, and more. It's fun. I am actually utilizing both my education degree AND my HR degree.

So that's it for today's Scribbles. It's a bit more random than usual today.


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