Monday, May 30, 2016

Murder Comes By Mail - A Review

Published - May 2016, Revell Books
Series - Hidden Springs Mysteries Book 2
Author - A. H. Gabhart
Title - Murder Comes By Mail
Format - ebook, paper
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Deputy Sheriff Michael Keane didn't mean to become a hero. He was driving the church bus full of elderly ladies to a play when he sees a man about to jump off the bridge. Of course he stops and ends up saving the man's life. But was it worth it? Because now Michael is known as the Hero of Hidden Springs. But that's not all, girls are being killed, and their pictures are being sent by mail to Michael. Then it gets personal. The killer is going after people Michael cares about. Can he get to the bottom of it before someone he loves is killed?

It was so much fun to return to Hidden Springs. I loved how Michael interacts with the townsfolk. I also loved how Michael followed his instincts to find the killer.

I'll admit, I had my suspicions early on in the book, and I wasn't wrong. But following the trail of evidence was the real joy of this book. This isn't a romantic suspense novel, but it is truly a cozy mystery. It was still a quick read, and made for some fun reading at lunch.

I received the Kindle copy of this book via NetGalley from Revell for the purpose of reviewing. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Recommended to fans of mysteries, small towns

Rating -  4 stars

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  1. I love cozy mystery novels and this one sounds delightful!


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