Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday - Top Ten Books/Authors I feel differently about

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke & The Bookish

Today's topic is the top ten books that I feel differently about now than when I first read them. I decided to expand it to include authors as well.

1. The Left Behind Series by Tim LaHaye & Jerry Jenkins - When I was in high school and college, this series of end times novels were very popular. They are still popular now, but when I reread them a few years ago, I realized that my tastes have changed. The original 12 books are still good, but my recommendation - don't waste your time on the prequel series or the sequel novel.

2. The Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer - Yes, I was on the Twilight bandwagon for a bit. But, I've come to realize that there are much better YA books out there like the Secrets of Nicholas Flamel series.

3. Janette Oke - She was one of my favorite authors growing up. Her Love Comes Softly Series, Canadian West Series, Roses for Mama, and Woman Named Damaris, are still among my favorites. But when I read her latest release last year, I realized that I have out grown her books.

4. Karen Kingsbury - For years, her books pulled me in and made me cry. With each and every novel. But somewhere along the line, she lost her ability to craft life-changing stories. Plus I didn't like the direction she took one particular series. But her last several books (I'll admit I've not read anything of hers since Fifteen Minutes) all seemed to have the same plot just with different names and settings. So I've decided it's time to move on.

5. Eden Hall by Veronica Heley - This book had a Cinderella-ish feel to it. If the only the author had stopped with the first book. But overall, I don't remember this book much at all.

6. Song of Ice and Fire Series by George R. R. Martin - I read the first three books pretty quickly several years ago. And then finally book 4 came out. Then 5. Now I really could care less how he wraps up the series.

7. Sweet Valley High by Francine Pascal - I loved these books in junior high and high school. But I've outgrown them. I was very disappointed in the book that shows the twins as adults.

8. Ted Dekker - I still enjoy his books. But I'm not anxious to buy or request from the library his latest thriller. Most of them don't even make my reading list anymore.

9. Lori Copeland - I've loved a lot of her books over the past few years, but I've not been impressed with her more recent books.

10. Robin Lee Hatcher - She's another author that I think I've outgrown. I still love her Coming to America series, but most of her others no longer hold my attention.

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