Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Forever Safe - A Review

Published - June 2016, Northern Lights Press
Series - Beacons of Hope Book 4
Author - Jody Hedlund
Title - Forever Safe
Format - ebook, paper
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Victoria Cole is the pampered daughter of Henry Cole. She has everything that she could want, including a doting fiance. As her wedding draws closer, her life is threatened. When her normal bodyguard is injured protecting her, her father hires Tom Cushman. Tom's not like her other bodyguards. First of all he's young and handsome. Secondly, her charms don't appear to work on him. After she's nearly kidnapped, the wedding is cancelled. Tom knows the only way to keep her safe and force the kidnapper into the open is to put Victoria in hiding. There's just one problem with that - to do so, he must marry her in name only. With the isolation of the lighthouse that Tom's been appointed as the assistant keeper, Victoria must learn to live without the luxuries she's grown up with. But is she really safe? And even more importantly, is her heart safe from Tom?

I've loved each book in the Beacons of Hope Series. I love how Jody is able to take characters that need to have hope in their lives and turn them into something beautiful.

Let me be honest. I didn't like Victoria when I first met her. I thought that she was spoiled, and a bit of a brat. But as the story went on, I did come to like her.

I loved Tom though. I loved how he struggled to keep Victoria safe from himself. And I ADORED Tom's parents. They were awesome!

One of the things I've loved about this series is that there is a small wooden cross that has passed from person to person. It went from Isabella to Emma to Ryan to Tessa to Victoria and finally to Nathaniel. I love how when it comes to each person, that there is a moment when they need hope. I also love how this series could just keep going. If this is the conclusion, then that's great. If it's not, then I'm looking forward to Nathaniel's story.

I received the Kindle version of the book for free from the author to help promote. I do plan on purchasing the actual paperback at some point. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Recommended to fans of Jody Hedlund, Historical Fiction, Elizabeth Camden, Julie Klassen

Rating - 4 stars

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