Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday - Top Ten Reasons I love NCIS

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Today's topic is to tell the top ten reasons that I love X. X could be a character, book, author, TV show, etc. So I decided to talk about my favorite TV show, NCIS. The show just finished it's 13th season, and if you've not seen the current season and watch the show, don't read my last favorite episode on as there will be spoilers for the current season's finale. I'm talking MAJOR spoilers.

My top ten is actually my top 12 favorite episodes of NCIS, and I found it hard to narrow my list down.

So here it is, by Season (but not episode number).

Season 2:
1. Call of Silence - A WWII Medal of Honor recipient arrives at NCIS to confess to a murder he committed during the war. I loved how the team pulled together on this one. It was so sweet.

2. SWAK - Tony opens an envelope containing a white powder and soon finds himself fighting for his life. This is probably my all time favorite episode simply because it's the first glimpse beneath Tony's playful exterior.

Season 3:
3. Undercovers - Tony and Ziva go undercover as a married couple with no information whatsoever on the couple they are impersonating. I've always been a huge fan of Tony and Ziva together as a couple, and this one is the first time that the show gives us a glimpse of that relationship.

Season 6:
4. Heartland - This is the first episode with Gibbs' father in it. I ended up loving all of the Daddy Gibbs episodes.

Season 7:
5. Jet Lag - Tony and Ziva are escorting a high profile military dignitary but was there more that went on between them in Paris or not? This episode my rooting of Tony and Ziva's relationship very happy.

Season 10:
6. Shabbat Shalom - Ziva's father, Eli David, arrives in DC. Things are never easy when he's around. This one and the one right after it, showed how much Ziva both loved and hated her father.

7. Shiva - At a dinner at Director Vance's home, both Eli David and Vance's wife Jackie are killed. This was one of the episodes that had me in tears. But it was so well done.

Season 11:
8. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - Tony goes to Israel to search for Ziva. This one and the next show just how much these two really care about each other.

9. Past, Present, and Future - Tony finds Ziva, and returns home without her. This is the episode I knew was coming when the actress that played Ziva decided she wanted out. But it shows exactly how much she loved Tony and he loved her.

10. Honor Thy Father - Gibbs receives word of his father's death. Oh my goodness. This one was a  tearjerker. I bawled through it.

Season 12:
11. House Rules - McGee writes a Christmas letter to his father explaining Gibbs Rules. It wasn't until the end of this one that I figured out why McGee was writing his father.

If you watch the show and haven't seen the current season finale, don't read any further. I spoil it for you. You've been warned. 

Season 13:
12. Family First - Having heard about an attack on the home of Ziva's late father, Tony prepares to go to Israel. But before he can leave, word comes that Ziva is dead but there is one survivor. Tony's father comes to help him deal with his grief, while the team try to stay one step of the man who planned the hit on the farmhouse. When Tony meets his and Ziva's daughter, he has to think long and hard about being a single dad raising a young child while being an active agent. He ends up resigning from NCIS. This one, I knew was coming in that I knew that Michael Weatherly wanted out. I'm glad they didn't kill him off. And this one was done so well, that it truly shows that the team was a family.

So there you have it.


  1. I am a Criminal Minds fan! I have to try this show. I think I saw it on Netflix.
    My TTT.

    1. I've seen some episodes of Criminal Minds. Another good show!

  2. 'Jet Lag' is really fun and important (as I remember) to the Tiva ship. FABULOUS topic, Dawn. Also, I've not seen the finale of this last NCIS season, but I've read all about it. So sad, but it sounds like the writer's gave Tony a proper send off. (One that COULD include him coming back when the show ends for good.)

  3. Also on my top list: Call of SIlence & Swak. I was just wanting to rewatch Truth & Consequences last week.

    My TTT list


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