Friday, July 11, 2014

Claiming Mariah - A Review

Published - Tyndale Books, December 2012
Title - Claiming Mariah
Author - Pam Hillman
Format -ebook, paper

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Mariah Malone is struggling to hold onto her father's ranch. When Slade Donnovan and his brother show up in response to a letter she sent on behalf of her father, Mariah knows that she must pay the consequences of her father's actions. Slade Donnovan is determined to take the land and the ranch that he feels rightfully belongs to his family. As much as he tries to fight it, he finds himself drawn to Mariah, her gentle grandmother, and their quiet faith. Will he let her go or will he fight for her?

I've never read anything by this author before, though this book has been on my reading list for a long time. I was thrilled to discover it was part of Tyndale's Summer Reading Program, as that meant I could actually get it read. Since I spent the 4th of July weekend doing absolutely nothing BUT reading, this was a fairly quick read for me.

I really enjoyed both Mariah and Slade. I loved how they interacted with each other. I also really enjoyed Buck. I hope to read more of him. Maybe a story with him and Amanda?

Still, the story line moved along very quickly and I was engrossed the entire time.

I'll be looking for other books by this author.

I read this book for pure pleasure as part of Tyndale's Summer Reading Program. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Recommended to fans of historical fiction, Jody Hedlund, Karen Witemeyer, Julie Lessman

Rating - 4 stars

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