Thursday, July 24, 2014

Switched - A Review

Published - Tyndale House Publishers, April 2013
Series - TJ & the Time Stumblers Book 5
Author - Bill Myers
Title - Switched!
Format - ebook, paper
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Book 5 finds TJ and her 23rd century friends, Tuna and Herby, in the midst of another adventure. Tuna and Herby have identified what is needed to fix their time machine and return home. Only the way to fuel the machine is through a nuclear submarine's power pack. And those are hard to come by. Then there's the Swiss Army Knife that has gone berserk. It's caused TJ to switch bodies with her archenemy, Hesper Breakahart. Yet even here, there's something for her to learn.

Once again, I have found myself delighted with TJ's adventures. And Tuna and Herby's attempts at making things better really don't help. But what I really loved about this book was that the lesson TJ learns is to not judge others. I also loved Chad, TJ's dreamy neighbor. I found him to be a truly genuine character in the entire series and I thought he was a sweetheart.

I would recommend this series to all teachers who want to provide a few books that teach lessons in a humorous way to their students. I have really enjoyed reading this entire series.

I rented this book from the library to read as part of Tyndale's Summer Reading Program. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Recommended to fans of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series, teachers, librarians, kids ages 8-12.

Rating - 5 stars

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