Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Kid Catastrophes - A Review

Published - Tyndale House Publishers, January 2013
Series - TJ & the Time Stumblers
Author - Bill Myers
Title - New Kid Catastrophes
Format - paper, ebook
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T.J. Finkelstein and her family have just moved to Malibu, California from Missouri. They are hoping to start over after the death of her mother. T.J. is also hoping to just fit in at school. What she doesn't realize, yet, is that there are two 23rd century time travelers who show up to study her because she grows up to become a great leader. There's only one problem. TJ is the only one who can see these guys! With the time travelers stuck, TJ realizes she's got to make the best of  the situation including learning the lessons that will help her become a great leader someday.

The first book in the TJ & the Time Stumblers Series sets the stage for all of the others. I've really enjoyed this entire series. I love how humor is used to teach basic lessons like seeing beyond a person's appearance to who is inside.

I laughed my way through this book. While it is the first in the series and VERY helpful to read it before the rest of the series, it can be read alone. I think I actually read this one AFTER reading books 2-6.

I'd recommend this to any child ages 8-12.

I rented this book from the library to read as part of the  Tyndale Summer Reading Program. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Recommended to fans of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series, teachers, librarians, kids ages 8-12

Rating - 4 stars

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