Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday - Top Ten Blog Confessions

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly theme that is hosted by the Broke & the Bookish.

I know I've missed the top ten lists the past couple of weeks. Sorry about that. One topic didn't interest me. The other one I just forgot about until Wednesday.

This week's topic is the Top Ten Blog Confessions.

1. I am horrible at remembering to mail the books for giveaways. I have been know to mail a book MONTHS after the giveaway has finished. Terrible I know.

2. I try not to do more than one post per day so as not to flood the inboxes of my followers who follow via email.

3. I used to typically schedule the posts to go live at a semi-early time. Then one of my readers asked if I could schedule them at a time for when she wasn't sleeping.

4. 99% of my posts are written at work before I clock in for the day. The other 1% are written at home in the evenings or on weekends.

5. I've disabled the comments on  my most popular post (2200 pageviews and counting) because it's on Pinterest. It's the one where I give instructions on how to make a baby shower diaper cake out of receiving blankets. You can find it here.

6. My posts that are not book related are typically about Mary Kay. Because I love my Mary Kay.

7. I admit, I copy and paste my reviews from my blog onto amazon & goodreads.

8. I've recently (like back in January) started using a different format on presenting book information.

9. I sometimes wonder if people get tired of reading all of my book reviews and nothing of my life.

10. Top Ten Tuesday is the only meme I follow. I just don't have time for any others. 

So what about you? What are your blog confessions?


  1. #1 - yes I'm horrible at that too! I actually forget to draw a winner until I see the books sitting on my shelf!

    #7 - seriously, is there anybody who doesn't do this? So don't feel bad.

    Good list

    1. PS & BTW I don't get tired of reading the book reviews.

  2. Yes to posting book reviews for Goodreads, Amazon, etc. I do that ALL the time - is there anything easier?? I mean, that's what is so awesome about the copy/paste feature. :)

    1. Totally agree - otherwise why even invent copy/paste, right?

  3. +JMJ+

    *whispers* I blog at work, too! Don't tell anyone! ;-P LOL!

  4. I copy and paste my reviews into goodreads too. Sometimes I think I could give up the blog and just keep up there. Isn't it great to just let it out? I enjoyed your list today kelley—the road goes ever ever on


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