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Forever With You - A Review

Published - June 2014, Robin's Nest Productions
Series - Christy & Todd: The Married Years Book 1
Author - Robin Jones Gunn
Title - Forever with You
Format - ebook, paper
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Summary (from Amazon):
When Christy Miller met Todd Spencer the summer she turned fifteen she only dreamed that theirs would be a forever love. 

Now that they have been married for almost two years, Christy and Todd are facing challenges neither of them expected. Everything that felt familiar in their relationship is being shaken. All they had hoped for in their future together is about to change. 

When Christy shares her life-altering news with Todd, she doesn't receive the joyful response she was expecting. Aunt Marti inserts a few strong opinions about how the young couple should navigate this difficult season and when Todd's dad asks for help renovating his Newport Beach home it's clear that nothing will ever be the same for them again. 

As Christy and Todd''s relationship is radically altered will they continue to drift apart? Or will they come through the major shifts with a deeper love for each other and the One who brought them together in the first place?

My Thoughts:
I have loved the Christy Miller books from the time that I was introduced to them while I was in junior high. I've followed Christy over the years as she grew up. So needless to say, when I heard that Robin was writing a series about Christy and Todd and their married life, I was beyond thrilled. Because these characters are old friends of mine. 

When I finally got my hands on a copy of this first book in the series, everything in me screamed to immediately dive into it. Yet I forced myself to wait. I had review copies I needed to finish, things going on in both my business and work. I wanted to be able to truly enjoy this book. So I waited. And waited. Until a couple of weeks ago when I was tired, emotionally exhausted, and wanting to read something that I could read for pleasure and not because I had to. So I picked up the book.

Immediately, I was welcomed back into Christy's world as if no time had gone by at all. For those of you new to the Christy books, I highly recommend reading them in order (Christy Miller Series, Sierra Jensen Series, Christy & Todd the College Years, Christy's Diary, Katie Weldon Series, Love Finds You in Sunset Beach Hawaii, and then this one). This book picks up where the fourth Katie book ends.

Christy and Todd have both matured from the time I met them as teens. It was fun to see them struggling to make ends meet. I loved them in these new roles. I loved getting to catch back up with Uncle Bob and Aunt Marti. I also loved how they each have grown so much in their faith. And the way that they have learned to trust God in so many different ways now.

Can you tell I loved this book? I did. And I'm eagerly awaiting the next one in the series.

I read this book for pure pleasure. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Recommended to fans of Robin Jones Gunn, Christy Miller, contemporary fiction, Becky Wade, young adult

Rating - 5 stars

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