Wednesday, January 27, 2016

An Undaunted Hope - A Review

Published - January 2016, Bethany House Books
Series - Beacons of Hope Book 3
Author - Jody Hedlund
Title - An Undaunted Hope
Format - ebook, paper
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Tessa Taylor is looking forward to starting over in Michigan's Upper Peninsula as a teacher. She's hoping to escape her past. Upon her arrival, she's dismayed to discover that there was a mistake. The town requested a male teacher. Homeless, jobless, and with winter setting in, Percival Updegraff agrees to let her remain as the teacher until spring which then places  Tessa into his debt. A debt that he won't hesitate to collect upon. Determined to bot be replaced come spring, Tessa throws herself into teaching the town's children and soon two adorable children feel she's the perfect match for their widowed father, the lighthouse keeper. Yet their uncle, the assistant keeper, has his own feelings for Tessa. Tessa soon finds both brothers competing for her hand, and begins to feel that someone is tracking her every move.

When Tessa was first introduced in Hearts Made Whole, I didn't like her at all. It takes a really talented author to take a character that I didn't like and turn that character into one that has me rooting for her. Jody Hedlund is one such author. While this book wasn't my favorite in the series, that privilege belongs to Hearts Made Whole and Ryan Chambers, it was a very gripping read.

First, I love how Tessa has learned what grace is and how to give it. Even when her past comes back to haunt her, she still shows grace to those who are set at ruining her. She's not the spoiled child any longer. She's grown up and it shows.

I liked Alex from the moment he stepped into the story. I loved how supportive he was of his brother. And the children were adorable! I really think that his niece and nephew were my favorite characters in the book.

Like her other books, Jody has done a fabulous job with crating her story around a remote lighthouse in Michigan. I love the way that she brilliantly brings to life her settings and her characters. I think that alone is one of the reason she's become one of my favorite authors. Because whenever I pick up a Jody Hedlund book, I know I'm in for a rich story with complex characters.

I received the book for free from the author to help promote it. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Recommended to fans of Jody Hedlund, historical fiction, Elizabeth Camden, Kristi Anne Hunter

Rating - 4 stars

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