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Winter - A Review

Published - November 2015, Feiwel & Friends
Series - Lunar Chronicles Book 4
Author - Marissa Meyer
Title - Winter
Format - ebook, hardcover, audio
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Princess Winter sees things that no one else does. She's crazy, and so Levana's court find her entertaining and harmless. Yet the people love her, despite her beauty being marred by three scars on her face. Since she's not of the royal line, Levana doesn't see her as a threat until her popularity with the people begins to threaten Levana's already precarious position as queen. After all, she's got enough on her hands - a wedding to Earth's Eastern Commonwealth emperor, a galaxy to take over, and a rebellion to stop - that she plots to do away with her stepdaughter. Only a determined palace guard can keep Winter from harm, but she has to trust him with not only her life, but Scarlet's as well. Can Winter escape the palace in time to assist Cinder with the revolution?

Talk about a dramatic conclusion! The stories that began in Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress come to a beautiful conclusion in this final book in the Lunar Chronicles. While this volume is really the retelling of Snow White, the stories of the others are continued as well. At last we learn if Cinder's attempt to reclaim her birthright is successful.

While I wish that this book had more of Scarlet and Wolf (my favorite couple), I didn't mind it too much that they were more minor characters. After all, they each had a purpose to fulfill in this one. I loved both Cress and Kai in this book. I loved how Cress was determined to do her part even though she was separated from the others. And Kai. Well let's just say that I came to really like the young Earthen emperor.

Like the others in the series, the chapters are short. There are various points of view (Cinder, Winter, Kai, Jacin among them) and they each together told the story. The fairy tale elements of Snow White are in it too - the poisoned apple, the huntsman who couldn't kill her, the young princess more beautiful than her wicked stepmother, and this is stretching it slightly the seven dwarfs (meaning Winter's friends of Cinder, Kai, Scarlet, Wolf, Cress, Thorne, and Iko). Yet while the elements of the fairy tale are there, I loved the way that the author made it her own. The characters are strong and developed.

There was action. Lots of action. Battles. Weddings. Coronations. Plans that went wrong. Because after all, Levana won't make it easy for Cinder to claim her rightful throne. But what I picked up more in this book than in any of the others was that Luna seemed similar to Panem by the way it was arranged in sectors (think districts for Panem). Each sector provided the capitol with a different resource, and Cinder had to unite all of them together.

This was an easy series for me to enjoy. I ADORE fairy tales. While the covers of the books reminded me of the Twilight Saga (that was probably done on purpose), these books are a much higher caliber than Twilight. And while the ending is one I can live with, I'm thrilled to know that in February, there will be a collection of short stories called Stars Above which will include the ever important epilogue for Winter that is the wedding of the century! Whose wedding? Well, I know which one I'm hoping for.

I read this book for pure pleasure. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Recommended to fans of Hunger Games, fairy tales, Marissa Meyer, young adult

Rating - 5 stars

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  1. Glad there are (generally) glowing reviews for this final book. This tells me reading this series is going to be a thrilling bookish experience. :)


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