Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday Scribbles Vol 2.3

Happy Saturday my friends! So last week's Saturday Scribbles didn't happen because I forgot to hit the publish button, so I have added to it for this week.

My pastor has started a series about friendship. I'm really enjoying it. But it has made me think about the friendships I've had in my life, the ones I currently have, and things like that.

Some of my friendships have moved on and we no longer stay in touch. There was a girl who lived on the street we lived on when I was very little. I think that her name is Stephanie. She and I were very good friends for a few years. After we moved, I didn't keep in touch with her. Then there was Melanie. For years we were pretty good friends. At least through much of my early elementary school years. After she moved, we still managed to get together on occasion. But once again, we no longer are in touch. I could probably attempt to find them on Facebook, but I'm really ok with not.

Because friendships change over the years. While I'll admit that I have several Facebook friends from elementary, junior high, and high school that I count as "friends", they're really not the ones that I'd share my heart with. Truthfully, they're not.

There have been friends whose exit from my life I've truly missed. They're ones that were special for a season.

Some of my friendships have spanned decades. And we're still in touch today. Beyond Facebook. We may have lost touch for a while, but we're still friends today.

Then there are those friendships that have moved beyond the label of friend. These are the ones that have evolved into family. These are the friendships that I share my heart with. The ones that support me. The ones who aren't afraid to tell me when I'm wrong. The ones that are my biggest cheerleaders. The ones that hold me accountable and expect me to hold them accountable. These have become my sisters. These friendships are more than best friends. We laugh together. Cry together. Talk. And the important thing is that we spend time together. While I only get to see one of these sisters a couple of times a year, I know that I can count on her to be there for me anytime I need it and she can do the same with me. One of these sisters is one I  see very regularly. While one friendship has spanned 30+ years, another between 15 and 20, the third has only been in my life for the past 11 years, all three of these women are special to me.

Celebrate your friends whether they are online or face to face. The relationships are true.

What are some of your special friendships?

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