Thursday, May 21, 2015

As Love Blooms - A Review

Published - May 2015, Revell Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group
Series - The Gregory Sisters Book 3
Author - Lorna Seilstad
Title - As Love Blooms
Format - ebook, paper
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Tessa Gregory is a very determined young lady. After years of going from one adventurous career dream (the stage) to another, she has finally found the field that she truly loves - being a horticulturalist. Yet when she is denied a position at the prestigious Como Park in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Tessa isn't afraid to put her skills as a former Pinkerton and an actress to use by infiltrating the world of the highly successful and wealthy society and garner donations that would help present her cause. But before she really gets started on that, she meets Reese King, a handsome gardener at Como Park. Reese longs for the position that Tessa wants. He's got to design and plant a garden that will catch the eye of the park's superintendent. There's one problem with that - he's able to cultivate just fine, he just can't envision the garden's designs. As he and Tessa get to know one another, they discover that perhaps they can help each other out. That is if they manage to do that while falling for each other.

I've read each of the other books in this series. The second one is my favorite. I've got to be honest, I was a bit bored with this one. That's probably because gardening holds zero interest to me. But still, it was fun to catch up with Tessa's sisters and their families.

I loved Tessa's spark about life. She literally glowed with excitement with whatever project she was working on. And to have watched her grow up from the pages of the first book, it was fun to see her story and what career she would finally settle in. I liked Reese, but he didn't wow me like some of the other heroes I've read. He was just a nice man.

Overall, I think that the reason I didn't care for this one as much as the other two is that I didn't care for all of the gardening details. Yeah, I get that they were there for a specific reason, but because of it, I found myself putting the book down frequently.

But fans of historical romance will enjoy this book.

I received this book for free from Revell Books for the purpose of reviewing. My thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not required to like the book, just give my honest opinion.

Recommended to fans of historical fiction, Jody Hedlund, Julie Klassen, Julie Lessman, Deeanne Gist

Rating - 3 stars

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  1. I appreciate your review, here. The cover of the book is so lovely, it immediately caught my eye.

    Thank you!


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