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Picture Perfect Love - A Review

Published - May, 26, 2015, Zondervan Books
Series - A Year of Weddings Novellas Series 2, Book 7
Author - Melissa McClone
Title - Picture Perfect Love
Format - ebook
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Jenna Harrison is a wedding photographer. She has the unique talent of making even the most un-photogenic people look stunning in their wedding photographs. While she goes out of her way to ensure that couples have a happily ever after, Jenna's own heart is still broken. There is an unworn wedding dress hanging in her closet. Yet Jenna trusts that someday God in His timing will bring a groom to her and she'll have her chance at true love. Ashton Vance is the man who broke Jenna's heart. He had political aspirations and when a photo-shopped picture of him found its way onto the Internet, he blamed Jenna and broke up with her the day before their wedding. Though it's been two years, his heart still hasn't recovered. When his younger sister admits the role she played in breaking up Jenna and Ashton, he is willing to make amends. But is it too little too late? Or can Jenna and Ashton find a way past hurt and betrayal into a possible future together?

Like all of these novellas, some are better than others. This is one I happened to enjoy quite a lot. This was the first thing I'd read by Melissa McClone, and I was impressed with her writing. Her characters have a depth to them that is often hard to see in a novella.

I really liked the way that Jenna worked her business. I liked how she would go out of her way to make her clients' feel special. I also liked the way that she was real with her emotions. I think my favorite part of the story was when she takes part in a Trust Fall on a ropes course with the teens in the youth group as well as Ashton, his sister, and her fiancee. I also liked how Ashton was willing (finally) to make amends for the part that he played in breaking Jenna's heart. His growth was a little slower because he kept making the same mistakes. But overall, I really came to like him.

I'll have to keep this author on my radar and look for more by her.

I received the Kindle version of this book for free from Booklook Bloggers for the purpose of reviewing. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Recommended to fans of weddings, novellas, Love Inspired, romance

Rating - 4 stars

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