Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Married Til Monday - A Review

Published - June 2015, Thomas Nelson Books
Series - Chapel Springs Book 4
Author - Denise Hunter
Title - Married 'Til Monday
Format - ebook, paper, audio
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Over the past few years, Ryan McKinley has watched each of his younger sisters find love and happiness. He had that once too. But three years after his divorce, Ryan can't get Abby out of his heart. He's even bought her dream home and is living there. Then he gets a call from her parents out of the blue. Ryan soon learns that Abby has not told her parents about their divorce as he's been invited to celebrate their anniversary in Summer Harbor, Maine. Ryan sees the trip as a second chance to win his wife back. Abby doesn't want to go to her parents' anniversary party, especially with her handsome ex-husband along for the ride. But her parents don't know of divorce and she'd rather keep it that way. She doesn't want Ryan getting close to her. Or does she? Because each day is bringing them closer together. Can Ryan prove that he still loves her after all this time? And will Abby let her guard down enough to reclaim what she thought she'd lost forever?

I LOVED this book! Seriously loved it. Yes this is book 4. Yes it stands alone. While it is helpful to have read the others in the series before this one, it doesn't distract from this story if you haven't. Because I have only read book 3 prior to my picking up this one. I've since read book 2 and still need to read the first. But Ryan's story is not dependent on the events in the other three books.

First there's Ryan. He loves Abby. He will do all that he can to  show Abby the depth of his love. I love the way that he pursues her. And their story as to what happened in their marriage was rather heartbreaking. But I loved the way that Ryan recognizes the fault he had in their marriage and how he is willing to not make the same mistakes again. I also love how he defends Abby.

For Abby's part, I loved her struggle. She has a lot of emotional issues and she's afraid to trust Ryan again. But she slowly begins to trust him. I loved how the author shows Abby's problems and how she points out that Abby needs help and not to hide them. I loved how Abby was able to recognize that the things that happened to her were not in her control.

I love fluffy romance novels. And this one fit that bill. From the delightful cover to the rich story, I was utterly captivated. Fans of contemporary romance will surely enjoy this one.

I received a copy for free from the Book Look Blogger Program for the purpose of reviewing. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Recommended to fans of contemporary romance, Denise Hunter, Kristen Billerbeck, Melissa Tagg

Rating - 5 stars


  1. This one is coming up soon on my TBR (maybe my next read, even). It looks beautiful and sounds amazing. Glad to hear it lives up to that potential. Thanks for the great review, Dawn.

  2. Ohhh man! You had to go and give it five stars didn't you!
    She is one of my favorite authors and this is on my wish list already!


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