Saturday, June 27, 2015

Saturday Scribbles Vol 20

Happy Saturday my friends. My week has been rather intense this week. I taught my first class at my new job, an Excel Level 1 class. The students in it were all from where I used to work. So it helped that I knew them all. But even if I hadn't, I still would have done well. They all gave me glowing evaluations. And my boss was thrilled. I'm co-teaching another computer course on Monday and a workshop on Wednesday. Then my next solo class is another one for Excel. Only this time it's Level 2. It should also be pretty easy as once again, I know the participants.

But this week, I took a journey. A Journey Off the Map. You see, my church has had Vacation Bible School all week. And the theme has been a journey to draw closer to Jesus. I'm not in the classroom with the kids. My strength is working registration. And this year, I'm checking the 1st through 3rd graders. There were a couple of times when it got a little crazy, and one of the other leaders commented that they didn't know how I did it. I laughed and said that I was used to it. After all, I do the same thing in AWANA. Only difference is that I have help at VBS (3 tables, one for Nursery-Kinder, one for 1st-3rd, and one for 4th-6th). With AWANA, it's just me. And no, the Nursery-PreK is not open to everyone. Just the workers' children. So those classes are small.

It's been quite fun to be up there every night. Even with Mary Kay end of the year and working hard to meet some of my goals. The church is decorated in a jungle theme. We even have LIVE reptiles. Snakes, dragons, frogs, etc. We have one volunteer whose sole job is to manage the reptiles to ensure that the kids aren't causing them to be nervous. No, I've not handled any of the snakes and I had no intention of it. But I did hold the gecko and the bearded dragon. I make a wide berth around the snakes when I walk by.  When I walked in on Sunday holding my friend's baby, the reptiles weren't there yet. But her eyes got huge when turned down the hallway with the children's classrooms. Because that entire hall has been turned green.

But it's still been a fun week. Even if I come home exhausted. I figure that I can nap later. Like over the weekend.

One of the volunteers makes sure that the workers get a chance to have dinner. She has organized meals for each night (Monday - Pasta, Tuesday - hot dogs, Wednesday - sandwiches, Thursday - Mexican, Friday - Potluck). I'm a picky eater, especially when it comes to sandwiches. I like meat, cheese, and bread. Or peanut butter and jelly. So she made sure that there was a special ham & cheese sandwich just for me. I found out though, that I'm not the only one who requested something special. Some requested a chicken salad without onions/pickles. Others requested crackers instead of bread. And this volunteer has had the monumental task of doing what she can to accommodate the workers.

My poor kitty. I'm home for all of about 5 minutes before I leave for the church. That's usually just long enough to feed her. And when I finally arrive home in the evening, she wants to be cuddled. So of course I oblige her.

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